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It's a wonderful day when.......

It’s a beautiful day when i bust my personal best in squat (590lbs.), come home and find a check made out in my name from a previous investment, and best of all my new issue of T-mag in my mail box. Damn what a great day!!! Gotta go, gonna get in the whirlpool and blast my legs while relaxing reading the new T,baby. Hope eveybody had as great a day as me. Hell, I don’t want to go to bed. LOL

This is gonna sound cheesy as hell, but I mean it: that’s really nice to hear. I’ve frankly had a shitty week, so it’s great to hear that others in T-land are faring better. Hope tomorrow’s just as good for ya.

awww,…am i the only one feelin tha love here?..lol. im also happy to hear it’s been such a great day thunder. Hope my tommorrow is anything like your today.