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It's a Snap


The basics:

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110-ish; compete in the 114-lb. (52 kg) powerlifting class
Age: 46

Best Squat: 155 raw; 225 geared
Best Bench: barely any
Best DL: 225 raw; 248 geared

Eight USAPL powerlifting meets under my belt. Rotator cuff surgery and insertion of five anchors in my shoulder in May 2010. Multiple foot joint fusions in December 2011.





I was wondering when this would be up.


My numbers have been all over the place in the last few weeks. So have my moods. But today was decent. Or at least the one pull I cared about was.


Conventional DL
1/177 belt
1/227 suit and belt

The 242 flew up. Easy.

Sumo DL . . . just messing around with a really wide stance and narrow grip

Wide-Stance Squat . . . playtime

Lat Pulldown

I'm three weeks out from a regional meet: USAPL Rocky Mountain State Games. Working on dialing in my attempts, which has become increasingly difficult since my lifting has seemed somewhat erratic lately. The bottom line is that I want to hit very specific numbers. Squat: 203.5+ lb, Bench: 110 lb, and DL: 248 lb. All would be USAPL state records and meet PRs for me.

I'm thinking about this:

First attempt: 192.5
Second attempt: 203.5
Third attempt: 220?

First attempt: 99
Second attemt: 104.5
Third attempt: 110

First attempt: 226
Second attempt: 248
Third attempt: 253.5?


A new log? How time flies.

Great pulling. I'm really looking forward to what you get at your next meet. I like your thoughts around your attempts.



As the dancing nancie in these here parts of town, I will lodge my official protest against you pushing the envelope in your bench attempts.

If you get the squat record on your 2nd attempt, pass on the 3rd unless it was eazy-peazy; save yourself for the DL record.

My .02, because CBS cares.


Great job on the 242 dead


My inspiration.


moods all over, ever try the evening primrose?


Those look like good attempts to me Snap.


good pulls!!!
nice work

love that pic too!!


Wonder no more.

I had to laugh at "pushing the envelope" with a 110-lb. bench. And you must understand that I love to squat and hate to DL. I'd never consider passing on a third-attempt squat but would jump all over the idea of bailing on a third-attempt DL. But I appreciate your thoughts, as always.


No. I prefer to be a moody, perfectionist annoyance to those around me.

So here's a video from sumo-ing last week. I really don't know what I'm doing and need serious help with setup. I am actually pushing my elbows into my knees to get leverage. I can handle the weight fine. But I think I'm doing just about everything wrong here: Feet too close in for my leg length, grip too wide, hips too high, etc. I'm hoping to be getting some help soon from some serious sumo-ers.


I was out so long looking for flowers for you that I got a tan.

If you are looking for sumo help, check out what Brian Schwab wrote for them.



(and I of course forgot the flowers)


Maybe its just me but on your first rep you looked really uncomfortable and didn't get your knees out. But on the following reps you pushed your knees out further and aside from your hips being high, which might just be how you lift, were much better.


DF: Damn, you're a sweet young whippersnapper. You know my nickname, Snap, came from "whippersnapper." Of course, that was a long time ago for me. Like 20 years. Shit. Thought about getting a pic of my brother's kids (all four of 'em) in their "hog" attire when they were visiting a few weeks ago since you're a Razorback.

Joe: You're absolutely right. Do you think the judges would allow me to pull for reps on the platform and take the best outta three? I just can't let go of the fact that I think I could handle a lot of weight with this stance if I learned how to do it right. And I just can't get away from pulling high-hipped with either stance.


Video is AWESOME! You are bonerlicious!

I would make sure my elbows are 'tight' before pulling. Looks like yours are 'snapping'...could be wrong, but wanted to be pro beneficial.


yeah new log!~

I'm still fiddling with my sumo, I'll let those with more knowledge speak and be enlightened along with you.


Okay here's my two cents:

Try and go a bit wider if you can. Width varies by person and where they are strongest. The wider you go, the more adductor you're using. When I set up I cross my ankles/shins at the rings. That seems to work best for me but my legs may be longer.

I wouldn't worry about a higher set up. I tend to set up a bit higher. However, it looks like you are pulling conventional with a wide stance. By that I mean you appear to be bending over and pulling with your back. I fall into this all the time when I get fatigued. How I cue myself is to spread the floor with my feet. When I remember to do that, it's like magic how fast the bar comes off the floor. When you push your feet out, everything is straightening up.

I think if you work on it, deadlift will be your lift. You will certainly get a crap ton more out of a suit.


That's exactly what I'm doing. It's back to the drawing board regarding sumo for me.

Yesterday: 35 miles on my bike. Feeling it a bit today in the crotch, traps, neck, and lower back. Legs are fine.