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It's a Pain Trying to Eat Natural

Since I started lifting, I’ve moved to eating more proper natural whole foods,: eggs, butter, milk, cheeses, all kinds of meat, vegetables and fruit. My next step is eating all naturally produced and organic foods. I don’t see organic and 100% natural foods as an alternative lifestyle; rather these foods are what everyone should be eating normally.

I tried grass-fed beef awhile ago and was amazed at how much better they tasted than the grain-fed and hormone injected shit I buy at the supermarket. I used to eat farmed salmon from Costco (I didn’t even know it was farmed) and when I tried some salmon a friend caught in a river nearby I was amazed at how much better it tasted than the fake shit I was eating before. Even those weirdass frozen chicken breasts from Costco (the strange misshapen ones) creep me out.

I just read an article the other day about the US FDA approving cloned meat for sale, and not having to label it as cloned. While cloned meat on the supermarket shelf is probably some years off, I imagine that eventually we’ll be eating it. I don’t think people will care either; whenever I’m at the supermarket picking up my delicious food I see adults who should know better tossing sugary cereals, frozen pizzas, cookies, pastries, etc. etc. into their carts.

I’ve even had people tell me that I eat too much red meat because I eat steak at least 3-4 times a week (I would eat more if I could afford it), at least 6 whole eggs a day, plus I cook everything in generous amounts of olive oil and butter.

anyone else kinda worried about the state of our food industry? I’m choked that I have to pay a premium for organic foods when I see organic as what should be what all of our food should be.

Keep in mind that if our food industry wasn�??t in this state, most people would have a hard time affording a lot of what they eat now. Being able to eat meat every day is a pretty big deal in much of the world.