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It's a Pain in the Ass (Really)

A few weeks ago When I was doing my 3rep max for squats I hurt my glute. After I finished my squats, I had a pain in my right glute when I tried to squat down. I rested it for a while but it still came back again and the pain makes it really hard to control the descent of a squat,deadlift, and lunges. I’ve been foam rolling my glutes constantly as well as using this piece of equipment called the muscletrac, but they’ve only helped temporarily. Anything I can do?


Whenever I do this stretch it also helps alleviate the pain temporarily.

Depending on what you did, it can take a while before it’s fully healed.

I have this glute/back thing going on that’s been bugging me for a few weeks now. It gets a little better each week, but you just have to be patient. You should probably back off a bit and rest it up. Give it a chance to heal.

Are you sure it is your glute and not your sciatic nerve. I have some lower back problems where sometimes the muscles swell and get up against that nerve and causes a shooting pain down through my glute. For me rest and ibuprofen usually takes care of it after a day or so, but you might want to get it checked out.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
I can’t see the link, so I don’t know which stretch is helping you, but I would guess that the piriformis may be involved, since it is a small muscle and frequently involved in hip issues.

Ice would help, but the problem you have is that the glute is a thick muscle to try and penetrate with cryotherapy.


Ya, the stretch I’ve been doing is the piriformis stretch on EFS.