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It's a matter of $$

What up t-dawgs! i need a little advice here. i have gained about 15 pounds this winter approx. 4-5 pounds is fat. all in all i am happy! about three weeks ago, i came off the massive eating diet. it worked great! anyhow, i have been dropping my daily caloric intake by 500 cals a week. i am now below my maintenance level and am worrying about losing my precious muscle i gained. my question is; i am planning on keeping my carbs. around 200g’s a day (was eating 350g’s a day), eating 2500 cals a day (3500 cals is my maintenance), and more than 1g of protein per lb. bodyweight to lose some fat slowly. will i be ok with just biotest’s methoxy-7 for a 6wk diet program?? T-2 or MD6 isn’t necessary right? it would just be beneficial correct?? i would love to use all three products…but its about the $$!!

Sure, it will be fine to use Methoxy-7 as a lean mass preserver. The MD6 and T2 would accelerate fat loss and help with cravings, but many people have lost significant weight without these aids. If lean mass preservation is your primary concern, stick with Methoxy-7. If lots of fat loss is your primary concern, then go with MD6 and T2. In all honesty, you would probably be fine either way. Try it with Methoxy 7 this time and save the MD6 and T2 when you are going to try to really drop your body fat to low levels.

I agree with Jason on this one. I do have one thing to add: you might want to take your barbs much lower than 200g per day. I would say 1 per pound should be the most you eat in a day. Take a look at the T-Dawg diet’s recommendations for carb intake for fat loss. Good luck, and keep us posted with your results.

thanks for the advice fellas. Eric, i am tippin’ the scales @ 210 so i guess 200g’s is right on! i will probably lower them a bit more when summer is near (not even close yet in NY), but for now, i want to keep my energy levels up. ya know.