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It's a Little Bit of Everything


hey ladies. missed the piss out of ya.

finally gettin my head out of my ass and my training back to a regular occurance.

bought a sweet rack and bench off craigslist....but it's currently parked at my exlovers and getting it to my place might be a little sensitive.

in the meantime i have a barbell and plates and a few dumbbells in my garage and a gym membership for up the street. so no excuses.

nutrition has been dialed in as fuck the last three weeks.

strength is blah..... but i'm used to restarting somewhere. and i lift for the high, for the self confidence, for the yah i feel like a badass today feeling. period. so i know it'll be back.

it's common knowledge i'm a dl fan. have dl'd maybe 10-12 times in 2011. maybe 15 tops. yah i suck. but i will not waste another day. ready to train. ready for fun!

yesterday was front squats, db lunges and rdls.

todays workout:

shoulder mobility circuit
bb bench: 65 x 8; 95 x 4; 115 x 4; 120 x 2, 2, 2, 2
neutral grip pullups: bw x 4; +10 x 4; +20 x 3, 3, 3
db incline press: 40's x 8, 8, 7
db row: 65 x 15L/15R

ready to get back to regular. miss you all.

work schedule is still a major pita. 5 consecutive 12.5 hr shifts....2 days off....and then switch to nights. rinse, repeat. money's fine..... but i've been blowing it all on the old lady and lotsa fun trips.....so my apartment it still pretty bare. working on getting that changed a bit. zero regrets....that's for sure!

anyways..... we're supposed to move to 4 on 4 off schedule shortly. that will make my life a whole shitload better! can't wait. and i should get a raise that will basically make it so i work one less 12.5 hour shift a week and only make slightly less in each weeks paycheck. holla.

in my eyes the free time is worth a thousand times more than the endless overtime.

but life is good. i have a good job. bring a positive light to my coworkers. smile every damn day. and spend my hours dreaming of bacon, beer, barbells and broads.

lets do this!





random goal: neutral grip pullup.....from full hang.....with 75 lbs attached.....by 2013.

bring it!


jeez thats an impressive pullup to score. Go get it!

Hai Deja!!! :slightly_smiling:


Fuck yeah!

So glad to see you back, woman. Dominate!


deja!!! oh!!



Oh, hey! Good to see you again.


Hey, welcome back!


ooh hey i just found you! cool goal! i have a similar one... but it is a bit different lolz. looking forward to following along.


hey girlies...missed ya'll!

so got hit with a damn flu the last few days. wasn't able to keep a bite of food or drink of water down all day friday or saturday. and had to work overnights. kicked my ass and i was sooo dehydrated and weak. the puddles at work were making me thirsty and my hands kept cramping while i was trying to move my crane controls. anyways....... finally turned a corner last night and was able to keep down some water, powerade, bcaa's, and even ate a small portion of chicken/veggies.

got a fat nights sleep and am feelin WAYYYYY closer to fine this mornin. yay!! finally.

anyways hope to get some food down my hatch for a few hours and then get to the gym.

definitely kicking myself in the ass for not getting a flu shot they've offered free at work for months. especially cuz i was too hit to make it down to cinci for bear's meet after i had arranged coverage for work and everything. boooooooo hooooooo. sounds like it was epic.



bb frontsquat: shortbar+20 x 8; shortbar+50 x 6; shortbar+70 x 4, 4, 4
bb rdl: shortbar+90 x 15; shortbar+140 x 12; shortbar+110 x 12
bb reverse lunges: 75 x 8, 8, 8

not sure what the shortbar weighs but people were in the rack so i had to be flexible and clean the weight up for fsqs.

legs are toasty. yay.


deja, its great to see you back here with much bad-assery and such going on in your life. So much change in your life since you first started posting, but your positivity never has changed. YEAH!


hope you're feeling better!


Heh, I've been battling viruses (or virii) myself. Sucks. Glad you feel better.
Short bar at my gym weights 10kg - 22lbs. I put it on the scale.


Sweet jesus, 140+shortbar on the RDls is sick!

I was just musing (yes, I was, i swear) that I can RDL up to maybe 90lbs, but once I go heavier than that my RDLs turn into stiff legged dead lifts. And then it occurred to me, that for me, the difference between RDLs and SL DLs is the just the weight. Lol! It was an aha moment...must be the coffee.

Also, nice work cleaning those pre-lift. A little extra sumptin' sumptin' never hurts.

Glad you're feeling better!


yah kimba..... not sure when the positivity started but sometimes i make myself sick i'm so positive. lol

got in some mobility work, some db swings, and a whole shit ton of pullups yesterday. managed a neutral grip pullup holding a 30 lb db w my feet. short term goal will be to get the 50 lber before spring. =+) dropping a good 5-10 lbs of fat should help.

nutrition has been phenomenal. i'm in the monkhole. focused on gettin' lean. winter sucks so might as well use it for good. and not like i have anything else to do.


good goals..glad your feeling better!

oh and HI!!




shoulder mobility
bb bench press: 65 x 8; 95 x 6; 115 x 3; 125 x 1, 1, 1; 100 x 10
w8ed neutral grip pullups: +15 x 4; +20 x 3
bb military press: 65 x 6; 85 x 3, 3, 3
db row: 70 x 12/12

can't even remember the last time i did milis. missed them!!


kept nutrition really low carb and low cal today.

got in some high rep db swings, db snatches, pullups, and 1 legged db rdls. and lots of foam rolling (since a foam roller showed up at my door from the postman today...... not sure who that's from.....maybe my mama.... but the timing was DIVINE)