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It's a Jersey Thing


So who saw that southpark the other night?


"Snooky love SMUSH-SMUSH!!"


I feel like the timing was off. I've never seen Jersey Shore, and it's pretty surprising that this episode came out so late. South Park sets such a ridiculously high standard for itself- I guess I just didn't find it THAT funny.


Infallible representation of New Jersey


wife is from NJ. We were crackin up the whole time.

"women from jersey just wanna hump and punch" LMAO


haha yea says the New Yorker. All those Jersey shore motherfuckers are from your neck of the woods aren't they?


lol I blame MTV. We do get a lot of guidos in Upstate NY colleges for whatever reason though.


Randy Marsh kicking Situation's ass.
Randy Marsh "Stop playing stupid!"
Uncle Jimbo "Maybe he really is stupid Randy"
Randy Marsh "Nobody's this stupid...."


Shit sucks man


You have cabbage in your muff. Muff cabbage.


shit was fuckn hilarious


HAHA. I hate that bitch.


L.A bitches!


LOL, Butters is always the best.

"Sounds like it wants Smush-smush!"


I liked the episode quite a bit, especially the pseduo-werewolf transformation that Kyle went through near the end.

I agree with one of the posters that it does seem a little late, but I thought it was solid.


The bathroom scene was straight out of teenwolf, which is awesome.