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It's a good day at work when...

  1. You walk in wearing a Testosterone shirt w/ shorts and sandals.

  2. You noticed the days’ shipment included many free Testosterone magazines Issue #9 and many Hot-Rox pamphlets to go with the Hot-Rox poster already hanging on the wall.

  3. You have time to read the entire magazine while at work.

  4. You buy 2 jugs o’ Surge for very cheap :slight_smile:

  5. You get to take home 4 free bottles of Twinlab’s MAG-10 tab type product called Andro Nitrate3 Fuel.

I love my work.



Where do you work? I don’t think I like you anymore. If I show up to work in a Testosterone T-shirt, I’ll be fired.

Local Vitamin/Supplement store called Valley Vitamins. Good pay, good discounts, easy work for a college student.

Oh, those college work days. Wait, until you get a real job ;).

fitone, i have a real job. full-time student (16 units) and father of a 2 year old son, plus a par-time job, albeit an easy one, on the side. if you take away the school and replace the part-time job with a regular job, it’ll be about the same. i’m prepared. my days are already longer than they will be in the future.

shh don’t tell him yet…
There are no real jobs after college either!!!
kicks retail into the ground
I hate customers. :slight_smile:
Stella, hand me a dumbbell would you please?

Machine, I wasn’t flaming you. If you notice I had a :wink: thing at the end. I know you have a 2 year old son. That in itself is a full-time job and plus full-time school I commend you on taking up on your resposibilities. Not that many people out there like you anymore.

In Health,

Silas Chen

fitone, i didn’t think you were flaming me.

my philosophy: “do what you love. if you love your job, you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”


Here’s a 40 lb one. I think it should be sufficient. Just swing it as hard as you can.


A 2 yr old!!! I thought you were younger than me!!!


Machine, yeh thats the same attuide I have. I preach that all the time all you still have to watch it though over work is over work. Good stress is the same as Bad stress. I learn that the hard way.

I guess what I am trying to say in the end stress is stress no matter how you look at it good or bad. I learn that the hard way.

Stella, yes, you thought right. I am younger than you. But as you know, it’s all relative.


It’s a good thing that having a 2 yr old is not something that I feel very competitive about. LOL. It’s good that you like your family life, etc. And yes, it’s ALL relative. :slight_smile:

Machine, I understand how you feel about your schedule now. I worked nearly full time or full time all the way through college, so I saw a 40 hour work week as a Godsend. I can’t even imagine what it’s like with a child. By the way, what’s your kid’s MAX BENCH? Just curious.