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It's a Bird...


For all that care, at around 9:15 EST tonight (November 17th), the teaser trailer for Superman Returns will come online.

That is all.



Unfortunately the guy isn't that big, but he definitely works as nerdy Clark Kent. Hopefully it movie will be worth seeing.


I think this movie is going to suck. There are kids who just started lifting weights who are bigger than that guy. It doesn't even look like he hit the gym for that role. At least Reeves became a bodybuilder for a significant amount of time before he put on the blue tights.

I want my money back and I haven't even seen it yet.

Just for nostalgia:


Yeah, but Reeves wasn't really built either. I know he worked out for the role, but he was never even above average size.


I'm not into the comic books, but why does Superman need muscle if he has super powers?


...just who the hell is Brandon Routh? Anybody seen this guy act?

superman's dead. why can't they just leave him alone...


The case has always been that he was just huge because "Kryptonians" are damn near perfect physically. However, considering Reeves and most supermen before him in movies were actually considered "built" for their respective time periods, he relatively fit the mould well. Hell, look at Rambo now...and EVERYONE thought he was a monster back when the movie came out. I personally feel the physique should fit the time period...ie, he should at least look like a middle weight boxer.



I'm usually on your side, but you're 100% wrong about this one.

The movie will rock for the same reason X2, Spiderman (both of them), and Batman Begins did: they are being made by people who care about the material.

Brian Singer (director) can be trusted with his choice of both story and star; he delivered with the X-Man movies and has long been known to be obsessed with the Big Blue Boy Scout.

So, Brandon Routh (an unknown pretty boy previously known only to soap opera fans...why does that seem familiar?) isn't a contender for Mr. O? Let it go: Spidey's web-shooters weren't supposed to be organic, and Wolverine was supposed to be 5'2", remember?

But, both of those movies turned out all right.


I like Brian Singer. I think the guy is beyond simply talented at what he does. He has shown that he can take something could turn out really really bad, and make it really good. However, This guy just doesn't have the look that even Chris Reeves had. The story may be "out of this world", but that guy just doesn't look like a Superman. He plays a GREAT nerd though.


Watch the trailer again. Routh's got a chest on him.

Plus...what is Superman supposed to look like? Massive Christopher Reeves? Barrel-chested George Reeve? Underwear model Tom Welling (the guy I thought should have been in the movie, but...).

All Supeman's gotta be is tall, dark, and handsome. (Not quite as dark and handsome as you, my good Doctor) After that, it's a crapshoot.)

And, I'll agree that CR was a great Superman--the sheer mind-blowing confidence he had when he put on the suit was enough to sell the character--but themovies themselves don't hold up like they should.


For the record, I think Tom Welling is perfect for the role. I think they screwed up by not using him. He may not be the best actor, but he fits that character well.


Yup. I was watching "Smallville" last night (which has gotten good again after sucking last season) and was thinking the same thing.

Plus--and I say this with an unblemished record of heterosexuality--he is dreamy.