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It's 2pm EST, No New Article - Anaconda


I've noticed that if it's ever past 12pm EST and there's no new article on the main page than something big is released that day. A new supplement or a new program. I'm betting either Anaconda or I, Bodybuilder hits the site today.


worthless w/o my daily article; i've gotten no work done today


Cool story, sherlock.

Hopefully we do see something soon though.


how many times in the past has your theory proven correct?


I think we all kinda know this... I like you avatar and the price slashes do insinuate something...


Take it for what you will, I did think the same as the OP too. Thib's did say that the program would be released "long" before Halloween, so I would suggest that the new time frame, if not today, this week.

Its a plausible theory, all we need is some confirming evidence, which would mean everyone wins this time.


Oh most definitely, I'm not putting his idea processing down, just curious as to what other "big things" have been preceded by an apparent lack of a new article by 12pm EST


I was waiting for a thread like this, I just didn't want to be the guy to make it. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought the same thing, since I usually start reading the new article at 10 AM. I'm really hoping it comes out today.


Maybe its just simple like someone is late and screwed up and not finished the article and is racing to upload it. Or they just might not have one for today. They are free articles after all.

I just say be patient and you will eventually see something.


Curcumin 500, the new FA3 supp and two or three video articles were all posted late on a monday. I'm guessing today we'll see a new supp of some sort or a video.


I hope so, im very excited


Price Slashes? Beta-7 looks to be about $10 cheaper, but I didn't notice anything else. What else has been slashed?


Can't wait



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Haha FAIL!

Damn I was looking forward to it


37 tips from Dave Tate...


Guess not. They're just fucking with us now. :stuck_out_tongue:


tip 38: don't count your chickens before they hatch


welp, it was a nice thought? haha


There still could be something brewing if it gets to 5 and nothing's up then I'll believe it... we await a supplement article. those are generally seperate from the daily ones too.