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Itchy When Doing Cardio?


Hey guys, i am on my first day of cutting and when i was doing light cardio after my workout (running around the track), i began to itch really badly. The itch worsened so much that i had to stop running and when i looked at the parts that itched they were really really red.

please help as i do wish to do cardio without itching


Have you been in contact with any harsh chemicals or cold dry air? My skin would get itchy after wrestling of jiu jitsu practice because of the chemicals used to clean the mats. Dry air or a harsh laundry detergent can fuck up your skin if it's sensitive. I got the itching to stop by covering my body in lotion after every practice/before bed. I still get a little itchy when i begin to sweat, but it lasts under a minute and is very mild.


My mom gets hives sometimes when she works out. Take an anti histamine like Zyrtec.


what kind of supplements are you taking before running?


Is it your whole body, or just areas that rub together or on your clothes? If it is from rubbing, baby powder works good to keep down chafing.


Sweat can make you itchy.


just certain parts of my mid section, my arms and my thighs.

is this an allergic reaction? but when i play basketball i never experience this


Are these fatty areas for you?


yea they were fatty areas for me. i've gotten a bit out of shape and i just got back into it and it was yesterday that i experienced this itch and made a post. however, i had also experienced this before when i was in good shape. I remember distinctly when i used to do tabata bike sprints i would get really itchy and my brother would tell me its because i was not used to the amount of blood circulation in those areas




I know whenever I've taken niacin(500mg/dose) it causes your capillaries to dilate, and blood gets into areas that it normally wouldn't and it makes you extremely itchy. This sensation can be aggravated with a shower or bath(ie possibly sweating as well).




i dont have crabs lol


Does the itch go away (but redness stays) after you get warmed up?


it only itches when i do cardio (i do a dynamic warmup before every workout or physical activity).

the redness is hand in hand with the itchyness and as the itchyness goes away so will the redness


I get this when I'm dehydrated. That would explain the redness.


Do you shower regularly? Just figured I would mention it just in case.


Have similar problem when I started doing cardio(running) for fatloss. After running for a period of time, all the itchiness will gradually gone. But if I take a break for more than 3 days, will feel the itch again on the first run, but will be gone on the second run.