Itchy Skin from running/walking

Someone told me when his wife would jog or even walk, she would end up having extremely itchy skin on the legs. I know an allergic reaction can happen from cold, but what would cause this itching? I never heard this before. Does anyone know of this?

I know I used to get itchy skin (especially legs, and especially during exercise) when I wasn’t getting enough healthy fats in my diet. Have her bump up the efa’s with fish oil, flax, or fish, and it should subside.

I know this may sound crazy… but I remember a very reputable doctor I know being presented with the exast same sort of situation with a patient of his… after a lot of dead-ends, the doctor realized that the woman was allergic to her laundry detergent and that the friction of walking or jogging was responsible for the allergic itch she was experiencing. His recommendation was for her to change her laundry detergent and/or set her washing machine to perform a ‘double rinse’ cycle. We can’t know for sure if this will help your friend’s wife, but I would definately ask her to give it a shot.

I’ve heard this was a circulation problem. The itching is like “pins and needles”.

I tend to go with circulation, if I had to go with something. I get it in my legs when I run longer distances, and the skin gets all red. It’s usually where there’s the most fat and the tissue is the loosest. Strangely enough I also got it on my forearms when I rode my trail bike years ago… [shrug] They were shaking around an aweful lot, but that’s about it. And I agree that it’s like pins and needles on your skin.

I get the exact same thing and I know what you’re talking about - but I’m pretty sure it’s from all the fat jiggling around. Lord how it hates the jiggling and the jogging!

It’s pretty common to get a histamine release with exercise, which can cause an itchy rash or even hives. My wife gets the same thing when she runs, too.

I have the same problem, but I don’t have much “fat” (6’1, 180) so it’s not that. I have noticed it depends on the type of shorts and underwear I wear while running. If I wear tighter clothes I am not bothered as much or at all. I always get the itching on my legs, especially the upper portion of them. My solution is I don’t run much and will work on bulking up first, then deal with it :)… -Eric

i get the same thing, and i’m not exactly fat. it happens as i warm up, especially when i up my workout. as my boyd gets used to the workload it subsides. i think it’s a circulation issue (as someone else brought up) because my legs get really red too.

It could be “prickly heat”
getting an itch when heated up.try an antihistamine or prickly itch powder if it persists