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Itchy Nipples

I have been having Itchy nipples the last week and 1/2. I have been am on Arimidex .25 EOD for 3 weeks now. I presently take T-CYP 60mg 2 times a week. I have good morning wood and all else is great. I feel no other sides from Estrogen being high. My last test was
Estradiol 12.5 REF (10.0-50.0) pm/ml

Can you get Gyno even though your Estrogen is in check. I have no lumps or swelling at my nipples either. Or what else could cause this.

Thanks Everyone

You might want to post this in the Steroids forum, but my suggestion would be to bump the Arimidex to either .25 ED or .50 EOD and see if that helps.

You might try taking Chasteberry Fruit. It’s a herbal supp I take and have for a while. It is a Estrogen site receptor blocker. Even though your Estradiol level was technically low, you may be extra sensitive from the aromatase issue we all have. It’s cheap and it’s documented to work. It’s also in a lot of the “testosterone boosting” supplements and since you already have HRT and adex, it just may be the ticket for you.
Now if you just get your doc to give you HCG so your boys won’t both shrink AND dry up too…

I see the doc in april and I will insist on the HCG. I am wondering if it could be because of my hormones changing also? I will check out the Chasteberry Fruit since I am always looking for herbal remidies. I started taking TMG also hopefully this helps.

Thank all