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Itchy Nipples (No AAS)


I figured this would be the appropriate forum to post this, lately, last little while ive had itchy nipples, mostly my left one, im not on any AAS, prohormones or even creatine, any ideas what this could be?


it could be due to shaving or also could be a reaction to certain fabrics


dont shave or anything to my chest, and its pretty much only the left one, im also in my 20's.


Not on anything now, but have you been recently? You were talking a lot about MM/SD a while back.


yea, i havent takin it yet, its still in its bottle, waiting for my nolva to arrive in the mail.


Have you changed laundry detergent lately?


dry skin? lotion after you shower.


Maybe you're just a bitch?

Seriously, how old are you?


Yep. Had to throw a few shirts out b/c of that.


It might be a SKEETER bite!


Superdrol, even touching a bottle gives you gyno.



Seriously its probably a reaction to something that has come into contact with the area. I would however get blood work done. It is extreme but you do plan on taking SD right? This will give you a baseline of what your levels are now so you can keep track of your health. Search this site there are a number of reasons to get this done before taking suppressive drugs.


I had gyno when I went through puberty. It's definitely possible to get when not on exogenous androgens.


probably the detergent, thanks fellas.