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Itchy Nipple, Hard Lump

So everytime i start a cycle my nipple gets itchy as F.
My left nipple have a hard lump from puperty but its not visible.
But everytime i start up on a cycle, it gets harder and really sore.

I have once crashed my E2 and dont wanna make that mistake again.

Im currently on 375mg test E ew
With tren E 200 mg
4 weeks in

I havent been taking my anazole yet. as my lipido have been great and overall wellbeing have been awesome.

I need some advice here.
Should i start anazole now? how much and how often?

Im still feeling great and still horny as fuck so should i even be conserned?
As the dosage is that high

Edit: my nipple is not puffy

I think you’d be better off using tamoxifen instead of an ai. It blocks estrogen in the breast tissue without reducing it systemically. I think a typical dose is 20mg/day of that, I’ve not used it though so some of the others may have a different suggestion.

Agreed, with such a low dose of test you likely won’t need an AI. I would run tamoxifen and have caber on hand. What was your prolactin pre and during cycle?

Thanks both.

Have never been bloodtested for prolactin.
I never had a problem with prolactin not even on tren E at 600 mg

Dont have caber as its mostly impossible to get in my country.
I had it before they stopped selling them at almost 15$ per pill. That was 1.5 year ago

But at all my cycle i never got any side effects from high prolactin so i didnt think it will be neccesary at 200 mg tren ew

Gyno is a side effect of high prolactin.

I dont know if you dont understand what im saying.
Its not high prolactin…

Its a issue i have everytime i run test!

I have runned 100 mg tren a eod with test E at 140 mg ew i had no issue with the breast tissue at a low low test dose.

Its everytime i use a over moderate dosage of test.

If it was due to high prolactin the gyno wouldnt have dissapeared without a treatment of caber.

So again its not high prolactin at tren 200 mg ew

But i will try nolva at 20 mg ed and see if its help
My lump is not growing and never have been growing but its hard and itchy asf everytime on test so worth trying so i can get rid of this problem

Except that estrodiol is one of the primary stimulators of prolactin and tren doesn’t aromatize much/at all. So it makes sense that estrogen/prolactin would be elevated more when running higher test than with with an equal amount of test/tren. Plus I’d you’ve never had it tested you can not definitely state that it’s not the or one of your issues.