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Itching has almost stopped

Hey, It’s been four weeks to the day that my uncontrollable itching and rash started after injecting non-flitered homemade Tren. I only have an occassional itch now, as it has lessened, very slowly, day by day.

I think I’ll stick to normal tren from on, and highly recommend the use of a whataman filter.

The only other side effect is an increased proclivity to eat greens.


Good to hear Katphan. Your other side effect must be VIVID dreams. Seriously. Homemade Tren can give you some wicked dreams. I know it does for me. Good luck.

HAHA! Yes, dude, I had a dream that a bunch of clowns were following me around town and looking into my windows at night while I’m sleeping… totally freaked me out!! As far as the itching, I would definitely attribute that to the benzyl alcohol. Your body will get used to it and it with either go away or you will not notice it anymore…

Speaking of homemade Tren… Man, I just made some that is around 150mg/mL, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of BA I put in that! haha… It looks like I just went out into the sewer and bottled up some shit and threw in a cup of crisco, it’s dark as hell… I am almost scared to inject it now it’s so concentrated… Anyhow else ever tried to make it so concentrated? If so, how did your body deal with such a high level of BA?

The color of the tren is not due to its concentration, but rather due to the amount of heat you used during the conversion process. For example, if you allowed all the pellets to disolve in the BA without the use of heat you would end up with a amber sollution. As soon as you apply heat to this, it turns a dark coffee color - almost black. This of course doesn’t affect the end product, it just affects the final color of the solution. P-22

Thanks for clearing that up P22! Yeah, needless to say, I was a bit worried about the dark color, I had no idea that by adding heat to the dissolving pellets, that it would yield a near black color. It definitely speeds up the process, however, I do not plan on doing that again. Thanks again P22 and go LIGHTNING!!!

No more home gear for me. I would never recommend it now.