ITB, Glutes, Scoliosis Help

I’m a heavy runner swimmer and lifter often combining all three. I’m 23 lean and until this injury was healthy.

A year ago I sustained two injuries - one to my IT band. At first it was on my right side then migrated to the left displaying itself in lateral knee pain. That pain has not stopped on the left side.

The second injury was a lumbar compression sustained while running on the beach carrying a heavy weight. Fell in a hole and the back went crunch to one side.

For the last year I have been battling scoliosis. My whole gait is fucked (walking). My left ITB is still tight and interestingly when I walk or train I simply dont feel my left glutes fire. As if they dont exist.

I have a lateral pelvic tilt (right side up, left shoulder up) and pronate on my left foot.

Hope this wasn’t too much info. Any help would be great guys. A year of being injured is making me sad.

Btw I tried glute strengthening, abs and about every kind of therapy out there.

FWD me any questions here. Cheers

there knee pain souns a bit like illobtal(proberly spelt wrong) band syndrom,allot of stretching and foam rolling should sort it, you tube it… a few glite activation exercises should also help as for the rest dunno mate.