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Italian Terminology for the Iron Game


I need to improve my ability to speak Italian and would like to focus this on the iron game (any of its elements is fine). Seeing that this is what I do, it makes sense that I have the terminology to discuss it.

Can anybody recommend any Italian language websites which have routines and instructions that I can printout to study? I am also trying to find some PDF versions of weightlifting books in Italian so I can scribble notes on them.

Any help would be much appreciated.


You can always google allenamenti pesistica and scheda allenamento bodybuilding.


I like the name of one of our posters here: LIFTICVS MAXIMVS.


Possibly one of the worst nations on Earth to look for training resources.Lazy has a whole new meaning in Italia


Thanks zecarlo. I have found some stuff that way. I am also looking in a few bargain bookshops as it is more about the terminology and practice than the quality of the material.

Multiple Moods - I have trained in dozens of countries, but there are some unique aspects to training in Italy. Vanity within the gyms can be totally out of control!!!


Add an a to the end of all your words while you drip olive oil on the ground and slither around in it like a snake

"Imma gonna goa lift soma weightsa anda ia might needa spota"

Then after you complete your set jump on your spotters head until he is defeated and collect the gold tub of protein that is left...escape through pipe located in the ladies locher room


when i went to the gym in italy i was completely awestruck, my fiancee was the second strongest person in the gym...after me!

The men were all talking about what BCAA products to use and what supplements would work, whilst doing half assed exercises on machines for 30 mins and then walked around naked in the locker room.


Haha thats pretty much how I imagined the gym to be in Italy.Never been to the gym there but most of the Italian guys I have met have chicken legs,speak openly about how they cant be bothered going to the gym as its too much effort,will wait 15 mins for the next bus when the destination is 7 mins walk away,etc.
Having said that their women are hot as fook but unfortunately they seem to prefer the skinny jeans effeminate type guys.


I assume there are hardcore gyms in Italy and hope I will find one someday. In the meantime, much of what is said above fits with what I have seen in more than 6 gyms in Italy.

This is part of why I want to work on my Italian terminology. I need to be able to answer questions correctly and help correct some of this nonsense.

On the subject of nonsense:
1) I cannot ever remember waiting for the squat rack because someone was squatting in it. More often it is used for hanging towels.
2) I have never seen anyone else deadlift
3) The mirrors are definitely the most used bit of equipment
4) Training is seasonal


Of course there are hardcore gyms and lifters there. If some foreigner walked into Planet Fitness here what do you think his opinion of American trainees would be? Most of the world thinks Americans are all fat so that tells you what eyewitness accounts and anecdotal evidence are worth. Or are we all fat asses?

As far as them being lazy and not finding any resources goes: Italy does have Olympic athletes. They produce, based upon results, some of the best football players in the world. They even have rugby over there. Basketball and volleyball are popular. They don't exactly hate sports over there. The point being that to call a people lazy when they have plenty of examples to prove the opposite is dumb. Also, you don't have world class sports programs without world class coaches and trainers. In fact, Italy has more people with UEFA coaching credentials than any other nation.


You know, that description could pretty much apply to Americans. A couple of differences being the American will claim to go to the gym and instead of a bus it will be an SUV that gets 10 mpg in the city.


All too easy to generalize. I have seen a lot of gyms in every country where nobody deadlifts. 1,3 and 4 are things I have seen only in Italy though. Squat rack being used for towels was a new one on me and I not only have to ask one person, but many people to move.

Mirrors - Damn the mirrors get used a lot in comparison. Not saying the guys are not better looking than me, but the amount of between set posing and hair and outfit adjustment can be extreme.

Training is seasonal due to many gyms lacking AC. I see a lot of people arrive in the gym in February for the beach preparation and stop by the start of July. By then it is too hot and they are on the beach. Life's good and they are all happy.

Lazy, I would not call Italians lazy. Priorities are just different in the gym and this is also related to the heat in the summer months and lack of AC. You are forced to train hard on the big lifts for less time when the temperature approaches 40C. I have been deadlifting this morning and was feeling the heat on the warm-up sets!

What the general Italian gyms seems to lack (and so many gyms worldwide also have this issue) is good quality coaches/managers to help people maximize potential. Not sure how to cover this, but some mental toughness in the weight room. I see a lot of people working too far below their potential when their objective is the same as gym rats worldwide.

I have been trying the Olympic lifts and hope I will find a coach here to improve my technique.
It's not my current objective, but I know some excellent coaches here for boxing and Thai boxing.

With all that being said; Italy is a fantastic place for so many reasons (removing politics). The Italian diet is great, balanced and healthy. In general, I think Italians are one of the healthiest nationalities.

PS. This weekend I am hiking up to Monte Forato


THE FOOOOD!!! A few years ago I went to Venice and Tuscany... Damn it was pricy but I have never ever tasted better food in my life. Also, the women, the weather, the landscape... If it weren't for corruption/politics I'd probably think of moving there at some point.


Food in Italy is extremely inexpensive for good quality. However, it is all about local knowledge. My favorite restaurant for fish is overlooking the sea and will give you at least 6 courses with unlimited wine for about $35 a head. Generally pay about $11 each for a pizza meal.

Women - Great to have women who can cook! My other half looks like Carmen Electra in her prime with a touch of Monica Bellucci, after more than a decade together. Rooms fall silent when she enters and lot's of men get in trouble with their partners for their dropping jaws.
We then have only home cooked food and a microwave is not allowed near the property.

Italy could easily become the greatest country in the world IF it had some serious reforms. I think they need a Margaret Thatcher as many of the problems are the same as the ones she dealt with.


this, everyone was basically pushing weight that didn't challenge them nearly enough and they had shitty results.

In general seeing even a remotely muscular person in italy is unusual so yeh, they probably don't have that many hardcore gyms/lifters