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It Vexes Me. I'm Terribly Vexed


Link to first log:

Oh shiiiiit! I finished my first entire training log; time for a new one. Let's do it!



Quincy quick I need your help!

I'm on vacation in D.C. Are there any gyms I can go to up here and just pay like a couple one time fees or something?

So far the only gyms I have seen close by are this one called "Mint" which apparently is membership only and another one which is basically just a gay bar with a couple machines in it and a salon.


Golds at Van Ness is the only one I've used. $15 per visit without membership. Tell me where you are in the city so that I gauge your commute. The gyms in the area aren't great lol.


Oh thank God there's a Gold's. I knew there had to be one somewhere.

I'm shacked up on the corner of U street and 18th.


You're within walking distance of Dupont Circle station, so your commute should be pretty simple.

Go there and take the red line towards Shady Grove and get off at Van Ness (which will be the third stop). Once you exit the station, just keep going forward. It'll be right past the Potbelly's and whatever bank was next to it.


Awesome dude thanks.


Vacation in D.C.? Da fuck is wrong with you??


Lol, I'm actually visiting my old college roommare who finished law school this year and got a job in D.C. He and his girlfriend have a fuckin sweet apartment here.


That's cool, I'm just bustin your balls anyway. There's plenty to see that's for sure.


If you've never seen the Marine Corps. Silent Drill team and you can while you're in town, do it. It's really cool. They do shows at the Marine barracks at 8th and I.


Edit: Looks like you missed them. Too bad.


Okay so I did go to "Mint" yesterday lol, because my friend is allowed to take the same guest two times per year apparently. What a weird policy. Here is a picture from it lol.


Here is a pic of the refreshments. Herbal infused water and eucalyptus fragranced towels.


Okay final pic from Mint. Fine art lining the walls. Oh and here's the best part; all the art was for sale as well. So yea. You could go to the gym and decide to purchase a $1000 painting while you're there.


I was able to get in a bench workout fine there. I am headed to Gold's right now though for deadlifts.


Bench: decided to feel out regular grip just a little bit
45 20x
135 10x
185 5x
225 5x
275 5x

Close Grip Bench:
225 10x
185 15x

Incline DB:
60's 5x
70's 5x
80's 5x
90's 8x. These were the heaviest DB's they had.

Skull Crushers:
110 8x
110 8x
110 8x


Partaking in the nightlife?


Yea we went to a Nats game last night and then went to the bars afterward. We were pretty darn close to the action too.


Check out this beer I had yesterday. It's a Trappist Rochefort 8 brewed at the Brasserie de Rochefort abbey by the Trappist monks. One of the best beers in the entire world. This glass full ran me 13 bucks.


Csulli, I am disappointed. You lifted THERE? You might as well have just went to a gay bar afterwards. :wink:


So the other option was "Vida" I believe it was called. And like I said, it was basically already a gay bar lol. They have strobe lights going like a rave and house music playing.


Did you make it to Gold's?