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It SOUNDED like a good idea...

Guys, I’m in a bit of a pickle and need your advice. Katie T. Vixen is in town visiting and is staying at our place. She and Michelle keep making comments about showering together, having bra and panty pillow fights, and I distinctly overheard them talking about a Demo Sandwich…whatever that is.

Here's my question...does black market Viagra work as well as the prescription stuff? And what kind of stretching do you guys recommend?

I was going to recommend stretching the truth, but that seems to have already been done.

Demo Dick, come back to bed…

Go Demo! Seek and DESTROY!

Don’t worry about the viagra. Their strap-ons aren’t going to wilt anytime soon. SQUEEEEL PIG!

Cripes, and I thought my night was good! Now, seeing the Two Towers for a third time and eating a steak just isn’t as good.

Oh, all right. I’ll help out and take Katie off your “hands”.

Jeez, the things I do for my friends on this forum…

You don’t need Viagra! But I do recommend you busting out the digital camera and sending me pics. Besides, you said Michelle was going to send me one anyway. And hey, send me your email address. The one I had is no longer working anymore. If Michelle is relunctant to take photos, send me some of Katie! :wink:


What the feek do you need viagra for? Allow me to use my amazing math skills to help you out here with the following formula. Michelle giving Katie a nice soft kiss plus caressing her breasts times Katie running her hands through Michelle’s hair etc. etc.=same effect as viagra! In any event…send pics. Or Katie if you decide against the “sandwich”. Heheh. Thanks Brother. Ciao. :slight_smile:

…very tired…time to mix in the Viagra…need water…

Heh…Heh…Hmm…aigrhhh Heh… You gonna score dude, yah Heh Heh…Heh

We’ve had an… interesting… visit. snicker

I actually work for pfizer (the company that makes viagra) in Oz and while it would be completely against company policy for me to have “obtained” samples if any of you T-vixens come downunder I’m sure I could help you re-live the interesting night you just had!

Enough already, If your trying to make the rest of us jealous, guess what, it worked. Fuck me, I’m sitting here at work with a bunch of large, hairy, gassy guys, while your ice cream in the ice cream sandwich. Fuckin prick!!!

sigh Katie has returned to her home and left us all alone… we shall miss her! Oh, wait, we can have fun that way too grin

See that’s what I need. Two hot chicks! Any ladies in Canada up for the offer? Brahahaahahah. Yeah that will happen. Tee hee hee. :wink: