It’s Funny, but I’m Not Trying to Be Funny. How Are Your Nuts?

The reason I ask is I’m using HCG and they are now fine. I’m thinking of dropping the HCG and AI but I know they’ll disapear again.

What are you experiencing without HCG just straight TC in that dept?

It’s a hassle to manage E2 with HCG and I’m not sure I’m getting the best benefit, yes the HCG keeps my nuts more normal but it’s not so consistent as far as how I feel. Some days I’m horned up and other days nothing. I’m wonderIng if it’s the HCG and tiny AI dose once a week. It’s a pain.

60mg TC 2 X weekly. 375 IU hcg 3 X weekly, .25 AI once weekly or I get hot, retain more water, etc. Alot of work. Numbers are great though.

Seeing the nuts shrink is a mind fuck though. Comments. And don’t attack on the AI, I need it on this protocol. Thanks guy’s.

I agree with you that HCG complicates things. I never feel great on it but also don’t like the atrophy. More than anything balls high and tight Is not amazing. I’m going to run hcg again at 150iu EOD and reduce my test dose to 180 (currently 75mg 3 x week) I won’t use an AI again so if symptoms crop up I’ll drop the HCG. Wish there was another solution though. It doesn’t sound like you have much room to reduce your T dose though and it’s the added aromatisation that causes issues. Have you considered reducing your HCG dose? I’ve never run it as low as 150iu so I’m interested if I can get benefits without issues.

While some guys report none, I think most will experience some degree of atrophy. Keep in mind that, unlike testosterone, hCG is produced in very small amounts in men, and it is often undetectable. It’s not natural for us to have these levels of hCG in our bodies. Some handle it better than others. I discourage it’s use except for fertility, but I have some that use it for atrophy.

Personally, I’d say I have about a 30% decrease in size for one testicle, 50% in the other. I’ve used hCG briefly (three times for six weeks each) over the past several years. Size returns quickly for me, within one to two weeks.

I’ve given 250IU 3x/week and 350IU 2x/week for both fertility and atrophy. We’ve seen good results. Perhaps you could reduce your dose, as mentioned above? I can say from personal experience, and from experiences of patients, two thirds of your current dose will maintain desired testicular size.

My experience is that yes, they shrink a bit. They will often pull up, making your sack look funny.

However my gf (who doesn’t know about my trt) has commented that she likes my nuts cause they aren’t saggy and droopy. I think balls in general aren’t really a turn on for most women.

Big picture: don’t worry about it too much.

My wife says that mine are the same size that they were 20 years ago.

So no, they don’t always shrink.

You are creating too much variability by taking the AI once weekly, the half life is (50 hours) real short which means the benefits are short lived. You need to break up the AI into two doses.

So 250 IU X 3 instead of 375 IU. Thanks.

Plump and beautiful. T only.

I noticed no shrinking. I started testosterone only in June and kept a close eye on things like acne, shedding, and shrinkage for the first 2 months. Nothing changed.

Righty for me shrinks a bit more. I was a bit worried about different shrinkage.

I just ran HCG for 3 weeks at 500 iu EOD, while reducing T from 200 to 120/wk. Plumped right up. It does seem to work quite fast.

Maybe 10-15% reduction for me? Right one goes up super high though sometimes which feels weird and is pretty annoying. Hasn’t been as bad lately, maybe because it’s been warmer?

Starting HCG next month (for fertility) so we’ll see what happens. Peter North loads goooo

Keep in mind that those reporting no shrinkage may have been hypogonadal (they can report) their whole life and therefore have somewhat unresponsive testicles. So most likely theirs have been smaller their whole life and not a big change going over to TRT since they weren’t really doing their job anyway. I may have lost 5-10% but I never had big clackers. Considering my history I was probably hypogonadal my whole life so no big change in testicle size.


Mine shrunk noticeably and were much tighter against the body on weekly and bi-weekly shot regimens, but filled out and hung noticeably lower and fuller on a daily test shot regimen. Just my personal experience. I’m on test only, no HCG, no AI and no supplements. Maybe my weekly/bi-weekly shrinkage experience was estrogen related? Haven’t done bloods on daily regimen yet so don’t have comparable estrogen numbers.

Mine shrank and it was fun watching them disappear. But I do 150iu EOD and that gives me some hang

Back to normal or just “some”? I just dropped from 375 iu x 3 weekly ro 250. Started today.

Why does this remind me of that AC/DC song?

But seriously, I haven’t noticed any difference. Unfortunately I didn’t think to measure them when I was young. Thus I’m only comparing to just before I started TRT. It’s quite possible that they had already gradually shrunk some due to an organic lack of T production and the TRT didn’t have much additional impact. I guess if I really wanted to try an experiment I could start HCG and see if they get bigger but it really doesn’t seem worth the effort. My wife (and I) is (are) enjoying the new performance abilities and hasn’t mentioned anything about testicle size so I’m good.

Back to normal, but with a younger tighter appearance. Def not the old man balls anymore. I havent accidentally sat on them for some time now

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