It Might Be Resolution Time If....

  1. If the first thing you see upon entering the gym is a 300lb woman doing hip adductors

  2. If you’ve ever seen a twig say “Freak of Nature” while looking at himself.

  3. If you ever truly wished Spandex was an endangered species

  4. If you’ve ever heard a debate between two able bodied young men about how much the bar weighs…with 25lbs on either side.

  5. And wondered why they didnt spend the 15 bucks on chicken breasts instead.

  6. If you begin to think of “Reracking the weights” as an exercise with the same popularity as Overhead Squats

  7. If the 5lb dumbells are being used for curls

  8. by guys.

  9. If the last time you saw this many hairy nipples was when you went to a pig farm

  10. If every recumbent bike, treadmill, and elliptical machine is being used…yet the oldschool climber and rowing machines are empty…

  11. When there are more people waiting for the swiss balls than for the leg press.

  12. If shaking hands with each member of your posse with a break for saying ‘man i was so wasted last night’ is a truly valid form of HIIT…

  13. If there are as many people on a sunday 10 minutes to closing as there used to be at 6pm on a monday…

  14. If T-Nation could write “Exercises you’ve never tried #17-#30” just from your 60 minute workout.

AND Finally!
15. If the last thing you see upon leaving the gym is the same 300lb woman doing hip adductors…

It might just be New Years Resolution season!

Sorry if something like this has already been posted, I’ve been out of the country on vacation and came back to the horrors of New years resolution season. This is a bit of my venting. Feel free to add any you have too.

[quote]xloptuny wrote:

  1. If the first thing you see upon entering the gym is a 300lb woman doing hip adductors


I’m lucky in that I have a home-gym, so the only time I use another one is when I’m on travel.

In D.C. this week, I was trying to superset two exercises with minimal rest period (I was kinda focused).

Firstly, some bastard came in and stole my bench while I was doing some rows…perhaps I should have left my towel on it. Heh. Thank goodness he only did one set of , so it didn’t interrupt me too much.

But then it got scary…

A 250-300lb elderly (I dunno…55 years?) lady came in. Wearing nothing but a swimming costume. You get the picture? Worse still, she decides she wants to chat after sitting on the floor (if she did any exercise, it was very brief).

I try hard not to be impolite, and I succeeded here, but my heart now goes out to the poor bastards that have this every time they go to the gym. When I got home today, I kissed my power-rack and hugged my Oly bar (well figurtively anyway). :slight_smile: