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It Makes Sense to Do Isometric Squat in Lockout Position?

This Monday or Tuesday I have a RM squat test and I have in mind to go for about 180kg(400lbs), never pass 155kg(342lbs) (my old RM). So I planned to load the bar with 180kg tomorrow, take it out of the rack and maintain an isometry in a lockout position, this to acclimatize the mind for the testing and to know what it is to have that weight on the back. Does it make sense or see it unnecessary?

There may be a place for heavy walk outs, static holds or overload work.

IIRC one should be pretty conservative with these: not too often and not too much overload maybe 10-15% more than working weights.

May be a bit too close to test day to implement them now.

If you really think this will be useful then I’d try it. Make sure to set up your back well, breath/brace effectively and unrack aggressively regardless because messing these up will make the bar feel heavy on the back

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I agree it must be something that makes CNS very tired.
If it’s too close, but it’s something I thought moments ago. If I go with the same aggression as for the test, I don’t want something counterproductive. Thanks you

U know ur body best. If you’re gonna get really hyped up just to unrack 4 biscuits then maybe it’ll be a net negative. Worst case see how it goes with the test and maybe use some static holds next training cycle

I like heavy walkouts. They are very useful, IMO. I don’t go too conservative. Throwing one in at the end of your heavy worksets for a few week changes things. Mentally, if the weight doesn’t feel heavy your head doesn’t get in the way of the lift. I don’t know you or your body, but I have found an extra wheel for 5 seconds makes a difference.

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That is something you could do regularly, but not a day or two before a 1rm test.

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I’ve done them. Keep them about 10% heavier than your meet goal. Be very careful to REALLY brace well as they could be fairly risky if your midsection starts to wiggle around. I stopped doing them in favor of band suspended squats.