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It Is Time


I have been waiting, and I am still a few months out but the time has come to get geared up. I am 23, 200 lbs, 17% BF, DL 450, squat 450, bench a little less than 300... I have just implemented a new form for my bench, and am waiting until I settle into that before I take the plunge. I am just curious as to everyones opinion, I am debating for my first cycle either an orals only (strength/mild mass gain) or an all out deca, test enanthate, T-cypionate (details to be discussed later) cycle... For the oral cycle I am just debating between anavar or anadrol...


Ooops, I am mixing up my profiles but I meant to say test prop for the first week with the enanthate... :slight_smile:


post your exact cycle details, people will be glad to critique it, but no one is gonna do the work for you.


bro, my advice would be to get your bf down to 12% at least before starting your cycle...and 166lbs. lbm isn't all that much size to jump onto the roid wagon, but i guess it's more size than some newbies...you could most likely make gains w/o the aas, but that decision can be made by no one but you.



I wasn't looking for someone to design a cycle for me, but I was curious as to your guys's opinion, due of course to the fact that you guys know what your talking about :slightly_smiling:


I have thought about lowering my BF% (if for no other reason just to stave off adverse estrogen reaction) but why do you suggest getting to 12%? I know making the choice is up to me, but do you say to wait because I have 166 lbs of lean mass? Or is it the age..? Honestly, what is it, something else? When is ideal for taking that big next step? 35? 40? 30? When you plateua permanently?


How tall are you?
I believe what Mike was getting at is that you should reach your natural potential before commiting to un-natural alternatives. But only you can decide when you feel you have reached that point. Allot of people have different opinions on when one should turn to AAS and it is up to the individual to make that decision, I highly recomend that you learn more about the subject before you make the leap. By the time you do, you should already have a good idea of how, what type and how much just by reading info that is already here in this site, just search. There is a great newbie thread that will start you in the right direction.
Just click through the Gear Topics I know it's not that far down.


I am not taking this lightly, and while I am not an amateur or novice I have done quite a bit of reading, talking to people, observing... Of which I still have more to do. I went to a local BB show and knew one of the people competing, when they walked out on the stage I turned to one of our mutual friends and said quietly, since we were behind the judges, "He's fighting gyno..." It was interesting to see the different physiques on stage that night.... Gave me some good contrast...


I am about 5'10, maybe 5'11, 200 lbs, 17%, bench about 300, started training when I was about 14-15 with heavy squats, cleans, military press, took time off... Took significant "time off" in late teens/early twenties. I think I still have a lot of natural growth yet... And then you see the "Powerful image"