It Is Time to Get Lean Again!

Yess, the summer is nearing, and this is my first day of my 10 week diet. Last year I started out at 13%, and ended at 6,1% and I was very lean. Now I am 90,5 kg with 11,2% fat.

This time I will aim for 4-5%, I have been training my weak musclegroups legs and abdominals. So this summer I will look even better :slight_smile:

Last year I ate my carbs only in the morning, and immidiately after every strength training. This time I will eat carbs in morning, after training, but also some before training. I am very excited about how this will affect my diet. Maybe I would have better training when eating som carbs before workout.

My strategy:

FIRST 2 weeks:
non training days 100 gram carbs, 210 gram protein, 60 gram fat.
training days, 200 gram carbs (100 gram morning, 50 gram before strength traning, and 50 gram after), 260 gram protein, 60 gram fat.

every 2 weeks I will cut down 50 gram carbs- This is what I was doing last year, and was working very good. Only p+c meals, and p+f meals. 5-6 meals a day. Saturdays I will have my eating days.

BCAA, TRIBEX, ZMA, B-vitamin, multivitamin, c-vitamin and protein powder.

I will do slow paced cardio 50 minutes 4-5 days a week. The first 4 weeks I will do TBT, then lower my training volume and do higher intensity do maintain strenght and mass.

Any opinions out there about my strategy? :slight_smile:

slow cardio for 50 minutes 4 - 5 times a week seems a bit unbalanced. Maybe try long, slow cardio twice a week, and short, high intensity interval training twice a week. This way you’re changing it up and keeping your body from adapting to doing hours of slow cardio. HIIT has more of an ‘afterburn’ effect, and takes less time (so you’re less likely to get mentally bored/burned out from spending hours and hours on machines).

Read up on Dr. Lonnie Lowery under Authors. He has some grat info on getting and staying lean. I am taking some pointers from him on diet and cardio and its working.

HIIT training is good, but my experience with this on a low calorie, lowcarbdiet, is that it can be to hard for the body to handle. Yes maybe one and not more than twice a week for the natural lifter. I have tried doing HIIT training before 2-3 time a week on a diet, and always ended sick…

Last year I went from 13 to 6% fat, only doing cardio at a low intensity. I manage keep my musclemass. This time I do it for 10 minutes longer, (50 minutes) and 5 times a week…