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It is not my fault I am a whale it was the Oreos

http://www.msnbc.com/news/912868.asp This article states that this lawyer is suing Oreo for the Trans-fatty acids in his food. Do you believe this shit. Man America is getting really sick. Is anyone liable for their own damn behavior anymore. This sickens me.

Look, trans fats are bad for you. The food companies have yet to remove or reduce them because the American public is too stupid to know that they are harmful, so they don’t make a fuss. It takes a lawyer to get on it and make a stink and focus some much needed attention on this subject. Yes, people should avoid garbage food like this for many, many other reasons, but people are only beginning to wake up to the concerns about trans fats. They shouldn’t be in there and everyone but the public knows this. Until consumers they tell the food industry to refrain, either through avoidance of products containing them or through pressure to change ingredients, nothing will be done.

It is my oppinion that tfa’s should be listed on the info label right below the traditional fat entries, but that said, it does say right on the ingredients of any food product that it contains modified poo. I’m going to sue the makers of those liquer filled chocolates (I got a box in a gift basktet I was sent the other day) because they are criminally good-- although I’ve managed to eat only 5 since they came :)-- and they tempt me so. I’m going to sue porn makers for similer reasons-- think of all of the time wasted-- that could be equated to lost wages!

At minimum wage…
$634,452,987, yeah, that should cover most of it.

Because of all the muscle I’ve put on since reading this site, I’m technically obese now. I smell a lawsuit coming. :slight_smile: