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It Hurts Real Bad...


Ok, I have a question that I have been trying to get answers to for a couple of weeks now. Myself and a friend are currently using aas and we have both been having problems with extreme soreness for about one week after pinning. I have done 2 cycles in the past and have not experienced anything more than normal soreness after the injection day. I am currently on week 7 (whole cycle is 11 weeks) of test e and eq, week 2 of clen and t-3, nolvadex, and will be starting var in a couple of weeks and will run it untill pct. I have been injecting the test into each quad once a week and the eq into each shoulder once a week. My glutes have been giving me problems (extreem soreness for about a week and I just got rid of an abcess in my right glute) during injection and after so have stopped using them for the time being. I think I have just over used them considering that is the only place I used to inject during prior cycles.

This extreme soreness does not happen every time but has occured often. I am pretty sure that I do not have an abcess because there is no lump just tightness and soreness. Now I cannot say the same for my friend because he has been able to locate a bubble in his shoulder. By the way me and my friend are very careful when it comes to taking the right precaustions to prevent infection (showers before pinning, washing hands, alchohol swabbing before and after inj., band aids, etc.) I have used the T-Nations search engine on the subject and have read some helpful articles on abcesses and sorness but have still not come accross enough info to answer my predicament. I will probably be hearing a lot of the same stuff that I have already read but it never hurts to try and get some more info. Also I was wondering roughly how long it would take for an abcess to dissipate on its own. How much time should lapse before pinning in that spot would be ok.

If anybody has had any experience on this subject I would really appreciate any helpful suggestions or tips.

Thank You


Maybe there is not enough BA in the vials? If you took proper precautions and still got an abcess the juice is possibly dirty.


Y-guy you are a sack of shit! You tell that buddy of yours just to give it some time and if after a week or so , nothing appears to be getting better, then visit the doc.

Peace brother!



WHat's the brand of gear? Do you have any nausea, hershey squirts, or flu like syptoms ie. signs of an infection. You didn't mention any so I'm guessing the answer is no.


maybe you're injecting too quickly? maybe you are moving the pin around during injection? have you been heating the syringe prior to injection? have you been massaging the site after injection? are you injecting DEEP into the muscle? are you following proper decon protocols prior to injection? those could all be factors.

what is the BA % of your gear? what brand is it? it may have a high BA % or just be shit ass dirty gear.


He has QV gear


Actually Dezz the test is QV. The eq is Jurox. And by the way everybody Dezz is my friend with the abcess in his shoulder and the info he gave me on his thread is the actual info I gave to him in person.

To continue up on my post my shoulder pain has gone away like it usually does but it still looks like I pinned yesterday (it has been a week now).

Juice I am pretty sure that I have taken care of all the precautions you have listed, but thanks for the concern. I am really self-concious when it comes to injections thats why I don't get whats going on.

I plan on inj. 1 1/2 cc (300 mg.) of eq into my left shoulder today. I plan on letting my right shoulder (the one that had the pain) rest for at least another week before pinning there again.



Hey man, that "bubble" is just about gone now. Doesn't hurt at all anymore which was the primary thing pissing me off. As of now I dont think any drainage is going to be necessary, I know you were really looking forward to it.



Ever had a tetanous shot before? I did and it took about 3-4 days for the pain to subside.
my suggestion to both of you, give yourselfs alcohal rubs at least twice per day with the strong 90% rubbing alcohal in those areas where you've been pinning, do this for 3-5 minutes each day in those areas that are swelling. this will help the swelling go away, if it gets to bad or worse, go see a doctor.


Ain't no doctor, but how in the HELL is rubbing alcohol on that spot going to make the swelling go down?

I know that lump he is talking about and rubbing alcohol ain't gonna do shiiaaat!!!! Time is everything with that lump. They will go down, just takes a few days.

Dezz and Y-Guy:

Don't know what the root cause is. Like Juice has stated their are a lot of variables that could cause that lump. IMO sounds like maybe dirty equipment and or method. I am leaning toward the dirty equipment because my friend is stacking Test E(QV) and EQ (Golden Triangle) and the lump only occurs with the Test E (QV). Coincidence?? We will never know.

This DOES NOT happen all the time though. Start taking it in the ass then rotate to quad then go to the other side. Also try spreading the dose out over the entire week rather than shooting it all in one sitting.

Hope I helped some.

Lift Heavy,



JW I think your right about the QV because I got a lump in my ass about a month ago from the test. I managed to drain it and it went away. I think your right about just giving it time. I don't plan on pinning in my right shoulder for the rest of this cycle. This will be easy since I'm on my 8th week and my dosages are starting to tapper down.

By the way, I don't plan on using QV for my next cycle at all. It gives me good results but I'm not liking the bull shit that comes along with it.

Thanks for all the help,



I feel your pain. The Test E I have is QV, but I have a lot of it.
I am investigating other avenues.....

Hang in there, lift heavy, bro.