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It Has Begun

The highest quality, best tasting protein supplements on the planet: out of your price range? Probably, but not any more.

Biotest has cut out the middleman and will now sell Grow! and Surge directly through this site and no where else. What does that mean? It means this:

Low Carb Grow! : $23 instead of $48

Classic Grow! : $23 instead of $49

Surge : $21 instead of $50

The T-Nation rebellion has begun.

More Info HERE

New Store HERE

Pardon me while I do the happy dance.
Happy, Happy! Joy, Joy!

holy crap that is insane, you guys really rock.

All I have to say is wow…you guys continually amaze me. I’ll be buying grow/low carb grow directly from the t-store from this point forward. And thank you for making this decision. I’m one of the people who used grow but always bought it from online retailers b/c it was much cheaper that way. You’ve once again shown why biotest and t-mag are the best supplement company/hardcore training mag around.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT BATMAN!!! I’m on this train as soon I can…Thanks, guys!!

ps: im ordering grow/surge tonight! :):):):):slight_smile: definitly affordable now, u got me heehe

im gonna order my surge(im a surge virgin) in the next couple of days, is the buy two get one free deal still going on? You guys are the best website/company around by far, now quit screwing around and get those T-Jack reviews up. Just playin with you guys, keep up the good work.

great job guys. Screw everyone else.


Awesome! Do you guys take food stamps?

Thanks guys, I’m always on the look out for quality protein and Grow definitely fits thats description. And now, with the price drop, it can definitely fit my budget.

and very happy t-man,


This is going to sound really weird but last night I had a dream that Grow would be priced at what it is now. NO JOKE!!! Although it came in a green container.

tears of joy

4 bottles of Grow just purchased. Excellent stuff! Very much appreciated over on the consumer end, and I think I speak for everyone.

I cannot express how incredibly happy and incredibly grateful I am right now. This has just put Grow! and Surge so much closer to my reach. I now have no excuse to not use a high quality post workout drink and always reach my protein requirement.

Again, thank you Biotest so much for all that you do for the T-Nation community.

I am ordering now!

holy crap that is insane, you guys really rock.

holy crap that is insane, you guys really rock.

Well, I just bought my $161 dollars worth. Seems like a very, very good deal. I bought all regular Grow! though, more protein for your buck since I don’t care about calories. Shouldn’t Regular Grow! be more expensive since it has more protein and more carbs per tub?

Anyways… an awesome deal. I was just getting ready to buy some more 5lb tubs of crappy optimum whey too.

I’ve never tried Grow! before… eagerly anticipating the taste.

WooooHoooo. Cheaper supplements.

Another way of looking at it is that by the end of the year I will have saved $ 360.00 ( at the very least)which really means I get back a$360.00 cash rebate for my $700.00 order of special edition MAG 10 putting the final cost to me as:

$700.00- 360.00=$340.00!!! for the 3 giant bottles of MAG 10!!!

$113.00 per giant MAG 10 bottle final cost…!