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It Has Begun!

This is gonna be ugly…

And who’s that coming down the ramp??? Could it be…it is

Mr. T is about to kick Ric Flairs ass using hello kitty as a folding chair.

:slight_smile: Groove

So the pussy in one corner, with his manager the Monkey. And in the other corner, we have the nature boy, with his manager, the Nelinator.

Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Woooooo!

“Whether you like it or you hate it, learn to love it, because it’s the best thing going.”


Watch out Kitty! That’s gotta hurt! Wooooooo!

I’m gonna have sooooo much fun now…

C’mon. Anyone else?

Freakin’ hilarious! If I have some time to play with PhotoShop tomorrow, I’ll be sure to join the fun!

No, Nate. In all seriousness, this thread is really good and you’d just ruin it with a desperate attempt to be funny. Hey, why don’t you make your own little thread for your stuff? I’d appreciate it.

To the rest of you; I am very, vert proud. The idiocy presented here is of high quality. I sit here proudly reviewing it. I feel, however that one major aspect of any Ric Flair match has been left out: The extensive, rambling, incoherent pre-fight interview that only the Nature Boy could provide. Having said that, I present you with the next post…

" TC, Kitty, baby, you got yourself a match. Girl, because one day you woke up and said ‘hey, I gotta be the man.’ And to be the man, ya gotta beat the man. And time’s comin’ mockingbird. Oh, I know it’s wrong to kill you, just like that book said. But the cat, wooo!, is in the cradle, and the Nature Boy, wooo!, has the spoon babydoll. So little boy blue, when it all comes down to it, when everything is, wooo! said 'n done, th cobwebs are cleared and you realize that your bread is buttered on the side where the grass is greener, you’ll look up from the barn you raised your mother in, and ask “Who’s the chief of this corn field?” And I’m gonna say “Ric Flair” Wooo!

Well, I admit. I don’t think I have the ahem creative verbosity of Mr. Flair. I’m a visual gal. And here, I present to thee…

Dwane’s response on this subject last time we shared adjacent squat racks.

Let’s get Shugs in on the action…

“Shut the fuck up Duh-wayne. I’ll rocket my foot up your motherfucking ass and pull it out in just enough time to shove my hand down your filthy throat and pull your kidneys out. You’d best take a crow bar to your skull right now, cocksucker, because it’ll goddamn tickle compared to what I’ll do. You got a date with me after I’m done raping Old Man Flair!”

And the battle rages on…

Quick What movie quote was “IT HAS BEGUN!!!”

I would really like to see a pic of Hello Kitty with corn rows.

Damn, Fitone. You’ve managed to go off topic on an off topic.

Fitone. Was it Mortal Kombat??
:slight_smile: Groove

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