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It feels so empty without you

For the past five years, I have cycled power drive, caff./eph., creatine, prohormones and other supplements with great results, but every time I go off all supplements besides protein/multi/essential fats, my workouts suck, strength way down, focus and drive down also. It’s literally night and day difference. Have I become dependent on supplements or what?

Yeap! that’s the cruel reality of BB…

it’s all mental. You might need to change your routine and volume for on and off supplement training. I get just as great a of a pump when i’m on stuff and when i’m off. what happens is that my recovery time drops a lot when i’m on stuff. that’s why they are so awesome. What are your body stats after 5 years of training? Honestly please? laters pk

5’9 1/2, 184 8-9%bf

if your goal is bodybulilding then focus on that. Look at your training routines, what body parts are lagging?

check out this websites and input your stats. It should give you some interesting goals for you to work for. hope this motivates you to focus and remember this is a lifestyle and have patience. laters pk