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It Feels Good When...


Was at the gym today and had a few times when i felt pretty good.

  1. Doing lat pull downs and asking a guy pull me down coz i was hanging off the bar like a monkey! Although i then realised i should just be doing pull ups, but still.

  2. 6 months ago i hitched 405 on the dl and today i hit it for an easy double.


You should be posting over in the hardcore thread.


It Feels Good When..... She's doing it right.


It Feels Good When...I make it to a restroom and take a piss after having to hold it for 2 hours.




it feels good when..you dont get caught.



This just happened. Had about a gallon of Iced Coffee held it in for about 2 hours


It feels good when...I find out I'm stronger than somebody who has 50+ lbs. on me


Aimed at me i guess?


I feelz ya, brother.


Yes, but not an attack...just me being a shit disturber as per usual, excellent progress!


good for you, functional strength! What you pull?


Going for 425 on Sunday, so really, I have no reason to be saying I'm stronger than you as we're basically at the same level.


It felt good when...

I said, very calmly:

"...the fuck YOU goona do...?"

to the dude with "SD" tattood on his neck at a Barrio Logan burrito shop telling me how wrong I was for wearing a Dodgers hat.


Also a good point, although u pulled 455 a few weeks back.


I don't know where you saw that but that information is false.


ah shit sorry, i mean i pulled 455 a few weeks back!

And fwiw,

It feels good when someone tells you they are 50lbs lighter than you and stronger..... and then you find out that they are in fact not.

Just sayin....






It feels good, when you get out of the shower after coming home from the gym (today) pull back the shower curtain and get head of ur fiance.

Not so good when your foot skids on then bath and it sounds like a fart, she gets grossed and doesn't finishe her god damn job!