"...it don't do nothin'!"

Just a comment and your feedback on a statement that I often hear on the Forum. Usually it will involve the use of vitamins, minerals, and in some cases, supplements like Creatine. Somebody will say “I took X vitamin, and it don’t do nothin’ for me…!” Some things (especially vitamins) are not intended to DIRECTLY put on a lot of muscle mass, BUT are intended to create an optimal anabolic environment. This in turn will optimize growth. Your thoughts?

Agreed. Either that or various vitamins, minerals, and/or supplements are not given their due time. I often hear people in the gym say that they have been taking “X” for the past week and haven’t produced any results. Granted the bulk of the supplements on the market are bogus, but there are some quality supps that aren’t given enough time in the system.

Very true. And what is interesting is that raw beginners aren’t in tune enough with their bodies to notice differences from the supplements they’re taking. The longer someone has been training generally the more they notice subtle changes from supplements.

I think this is where tracking your progress (weight, body fat %, lifts, etc.) becomes critical. It’s hard to tell if something is working otherwise.

Thanks, guys. I think that the WORST people for this are the “Gym Fat Boys” giving beginners advice when they ask a ligitimate question about training and supplements. Micronutrients and certain supplements are not Gear…but ARE neccessary for creating the optimal environment for growth…