It does not add up!

3 guys go into a hotel. The manager charges 30$ for the room. They take the key and go to their room. The manager realizes he billed them the wrong price, so he asks an employee to return them 5$. On the way, the employee cannot figure how to split up 5$ evenly in 3, so he keeps 2$ and gives the guys back 1$ each.

Accounting says is balances. Math says it does not.

Accounting: 30$ - 2$ - 3$ = 25$. No money lost.

Math: Each guy receives 1$ back. So each paid 10 - 1 = 9$. The employee kept 2$. 3 guys * 9 $ = 27 $. Add the 2$ and you end up with 29$. NOW WHERE DID THE MISSING 1$ GO ???

(I don`t have the answer btw.)

In my pocket.

first of all, you are subtracting the dollar away from the guys. Then you are adding it in from the employee. It’s a problem of right math, wrong place.

If you take away the $2 the worker kept from the $27 the guys paid, you have $25. Since you are adding it in, you are going to miss a dollar. It’s math in the wrong direction.

“Add the 2$ and you end up with 29$.”

You don’t add the $2 tip. When each guy payed their $10, the tip was included. Thus, by adding $2 to the $27, you’re essentially couting the tip twice.

The room cost $25, the tip was $2 (for a total of $27), and then each man received $1 = $30.

You don’t add $2 to $27, you subtract it from $27 to get $25. My grandpa told me this one. Had me scratching my head for a while.

Damnit, you guys beat me to the punch. I was gonna look smart.

They got it right.

Three guys check into a hotel room, aye?

Not that there is anything wrong with that!

That’s “Eh” dammit!

Note: 3 guys and ONLY ONE KEY. The other dollar obviously went toward some lube.