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It Can't Be This Easy or Can It?


I just searched a certain hormonal therapy topic and came across a questionnaire which I took. A few categories popped up with recommendations. The categories indicating a higher level of deficiency each recommended a brand of a cream with an e-link. I clicked on the link and it was an order form for various strengths of the hormone containing cream.

I said what the heck and selected the strongest cream, then I said what the fuck and ordered two. I completed the ordering process and have now received an email confirmation saying my order will be shipped shortly. Am I really going to get this stuff? Or, have I just been scammed for $250? Or, am I going to get an email notification for a doctors note?


I have no idea - but keep us in the loop!


I just got an email notification that my order has been shipped.

I guess I better start reading up on this stuff.....


From an foreign location, may be seized.

Might be bogus. Watch for charges on CC

Read the stickies. Understand T+AI+hCG