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It Begins

We all knew it was coming, didn’t we?



Here too.

damn…this is geting ridiculous

I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Hopefully, when the emotion settles down, clear heads will prevail.

“…I am all for free enterprise, but a company that knowingly sells a product that kills people is no longer entrepreneurial, but predatory.”

this sounds like one of those anti smoking adds.

I think I’m going to add a clause to my will: “If I die because of the risks that I knowingly take, please don’t disgrace yourself or my memory by suing anybody for my death, as I sincerely hope that money won’t make you feel better about me passing away.”

That is why I bought my 6 month supply

I asked this on another thread, but got no response. Maybe because its a stupid question but nevertheless…

Isnt ephedra ALREADY banned and the reason why MD6 is no longer being produced?

Will a black market develop for ephedra? That would be funny.

3xKrazy: Ephedra isn’t banned, but insurance companies have made life hell for whoever continues to sell the product, thus many have dropped their ephedra products.

the lawsuit might not fly in that a product warning is prominent on the label. Think of it this way, if you take a anti-histamine and the product has a warning (do not operate heavy machinery) and you get in a car accident–you can’t sue successfully since the product warning is there, you were warned. In this case, Xenadrine has a product warning, Bechler had high blood pressue, a liver disorder and cardiomegaly…thus the issue is personal responsibility…I’ll keep you posted

I’ve also seen at least one article refer to the fact that he was taking 50% over the recommended dose. I believe there are specific warnings against this as well.

more than 1000 people die each day from tobacco use

as many as 2000 people die each year from aspirin use & abuse

more than 250,000 people will die this year from being fat and not exercising

why aren’t people trying to make these things illegal?

Has an autopsy been performed that shows it was even in his system?

Goldberg, it’s been performed, but the results aren’t in yet.