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It Begins


Not surprised. People are always looking to profit from a tragedy. They will probably be successful sadly.

Aaand the final nail in the coffin is about to get pounded in. Disgusting. I miss the America I grew up in, and I’m not even middle aged yet (far from it actually).

America has been all about the law suit, since its foundation. For example, a selection from J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur’s “Letters From An American Farmer”

"The three principal classes of inhabitants are, lawyers, planters, and merchants; this is the province which has afforded to the first the richest spoils, for nothing can exceed their wealth, their power, and their influence. They have reached the ne plus ultra of worldly felicity; no plantation is secured, no title is good, no will is valid, but what they dictate, regulate, and approve. The whole mass of provincial property is become tributary to this society; which, far above priests and bishops, disdain to be satisfied with the poor Mosaical portion of the tenth.

I appeal to the many inhabitants, who, while contending perhaps for their right to a few hundred acres, have lost by the mazes of the law their whole patrimony. These men are more properly law givers than interpreters of the law; and have united here, as well as in most other provinces, the skill and dexterity of the scribe with the power and ambition of the prince: who can tell where this may lead in a future day? The nature of our laws, and the spirit of freedom, which often tends to make us litigious, must necessarily throw the greatest part of the property of the colonies into the hands of these gentlemen. In another century, the law will possess in the north, what now the church possesses in Peru and Mexico."

This was written in the late 18th century in regards to South Carolina ca. 1784.

Perhaps it is because we are a country so firmly ruled by law yet demanding of freedom, that there is always a lot of flexibility room regarding how to address something possibly unjust.

We are a society that demands justice, but we don’t want to imbue the one particular aspect of the government with the authority to make arbitrary decisions in regards to injustice not already covered by laws. As a result, we have not only the Civil courts, but a degree of access to civil courts that at the time of the foundation of the Republic was a rare thing for private citizens.

Because of this flexibility, we tend to rely a lot on civil courts…and as a result, there have always been people willing and able to take advantage of the situation, such as by filing insane lawsuits.

In other words, there’s never been a time in American history when people weren’t crazy with regards to law suits. If you look at any time in American history, there were lawsuits over any imaginable infraction, including abusive lawsuits designed only to harass.

The people of the past were not better people than us, by virtue of their times. We simply tend to remember the outstanding nobility of the past while glossing over past ignominity.

How do we know this even happened? there are videos of one Dad with a big
ol’ smile on his face before his emotion turns on a dime then he acts devastated.
That’s just one suspicious thing…IDK what happened, something’s not right about
it though.