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It Begins: CPAC 2011


The recent CPAC Convention held a Presidential Straw Poll.

In it, Ron Paul came out on top (sorry Zeb!) with 30%

Mitt Romney was second, with 23%

All other candidates were in single digits (including Sarah Palin with 3%, which was somewhat of a surprise to me).


1) What do you think this all means for 2012?

2) Are either two of these candidates truly electable?

3) Will 2012 come down to independents?

What say ye?



I hope America follows her roots and NOT the popular vote!! I know my vote will never change because Rom Paul can lead this country better than any other prospect on the table. Including the independents ; )


Paul always seems to win the straw polls but his popularity goes no further than that. It seems all his supporters flood those meetings and no one outside knows who he is.

Strange situation.


CPAC only reduces their own image by voting for Ron Paul. I'm sure the liberals had a great laugh at this, I know I did.

Obama will be better funded than most any republican candidate and as the incumbent he can manipulate various circumstances (think Chicago politics). And most importantly the MSLM will be running interference for him. They did a superb job of getting him elected (threw Hillary under the bus, refused to talk about Rev. Wright, or Obama's lack of experience on and on..)

I'm not yet checking out of this election as I don't yet know who the republican candidate will be. But short of a powerhouse Governor (not Pawlenty) Obama wins a second term! Remember where you heard it first.


LOL...and it's idiotic comments like this that will hand Obama a second term. Really...really....stop it.


I'm curious, what is it about Dr. Paul that you do not like? Monetary policy? Foreign policy? I've read a few of his books and have to say that they were great. I love that he's so willing to throw the bullshit flag on asshats from both sides of the political spectrum. It's awesome to see an elected politician at the federal level, call for such strict adherence to the constitution. The United States would be in a much better place IMHO if we had a helluva lot more Ron Pauls in the congress.

That being said, While I love his message, I don't hink he's the right messenger. Something about him just seems to turn people off.




Yeah, but the electable ones are bastards.

What to do?


No offense Zeb, but that's what they used to say when the idea of a black president was discussed. Dr. Paul is quite "electable", per the constitution.


CPAC doesn't mean anything because most voters are not, in fact, "conservative". I believe well over 90% of the voting populous are statist populists -- i.e., liberals and neocons -- whether they realize it or not.

That said, Paul's message resonates with the youth because they know that government would have them be slaves to the older, more profligate generations.


Methinks....you are correct sir.

The more I educate myself, the more I realize that the current flavor of "conservatism" has little to do with ideas like individual liberty, constitutional republic, or free market capitalism.


(eye roll) Yeah, okay a 76 year old Congressman with a whiny voice is going to take down Obama.

You know what? I can't take this anymore....


Stand by your comment ZEB, why throw an insult towards something I hope this country should have in her still? Then you storm off towards the bottom of the page. LOL Can Paul be that GOOD you don't have that much hope for him, or even this country and what she needs?


If Ron Paul wins and starts trying to make real changes it will be another JFK conspiracy when he dies natural causes or not. It just feels like we can't win.


Elect the least harmful bastard that can actually win. All politicians are bastards. Even Paul.


Ron Paul really isn't a politician that fits the paradigm of today's politicians.

He is more about adherence to constitutional principle than trading favors for the accumulation of power.


Paul is unelectable. I've said it many times and don't know how else to say it. I know his message is appealing, but find a candidate who can actually win who has that same message. Paul will NEVER become President. Nor will he ever get the republican nomination. This endless pushing of Paul is tiresome and quite frankly immature. I'd like to see all the 20 something's who are in love with Ron Paul back a candidate who can actually win.



That's just the problem ZEB, let's say you have 'A' qualities that relate to one's character, and 'B' qualities that are that persons policies. Finding someone with matching positive 'A' and 'B' qualities seems to be impossible or at least not very probable. So now would you rather have someone with the right policies that doesn't have the strongest personality or someone that is very personable with shit policies?
With that said, Ron Paul seems to be the yin to Obamas yang.


Ron Paul is hardly a bastard. What nonsense. I do agree that the likelihood of him getting elected though is slim to none.

Oh, and as for electing "the lesser of the two evils," how has this been doing? We're sitting on a $14 trillion+ deficit. Not too well.


He's also the loser to Obama's winner. It matters not what I think the mass majority of the people who begin paying attention 30 days from the election will look at Paul and laugh all the way to the Obama voting lever.

I implore everyone to just stop talking about Paul it's only going to hurt worse (like I predicted when the Paulies swarmed all over him in 07') when he goes down to defeat and I assure you he will.

So just stop...don't do it anymore...do something else.