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IT Band


Iliotibial band..... yeah more like iliotibial GAY.

I wish it didn't exist!



I don't know much about it...just that I hate trying to stretch it. Everything else is no problem to stretch, it's the only thing I have problems with.


foam rolling them hurts like a bitch.


I have never wanted to cry more than when my massage therapist had her elbow digging into my IT band.


Used to have really bad knee problems from running that was apparently caused by these mysterious IT bands from hell. I bought this fairly inexpensive torture device called a 'foam roller' and it worked like a charm. It was pretty painful to roll them at first (extremely painful) and dreaded it everyday. After a couple weeks, almost all the pain dissipated from my knees (even when running) and it doesnt hurt at all now to roll them.

Foam rollers are the shit. IT bands are not.


The only stretch I know that works on them also smashes my balls. NOT fun.


You can't stretch the IT band, you have to get after a the muscle above it, TFL, and along side the It band, vastus lateralis and the hammies.

And this is why it is hard to stretch, it's a small area that you can only truly get loosened with myofascial work.


But it does, so take good care of them or you will be living in a world of hurt.


Get yourselves one of these, and roll your way to IT Band freedom!



Yep, tore "mine" two months ago. I actually felt a rip in the VL right near the IT band that felt like bubble wrap popping. This was on a set of close stance deep SSB squats with 335, I think.

I was doing box squats and wider squats fro years. I'm also 45. should have worked up with even light weight. It was not that heavy, but I was not adapted to the exercise.


I mean mine are in fine health right now (or at least I think so), but yeah -- woowwee does foam rolling them hurt. Does the hurt eventually stop with consistent foam rolling?


You'll get used to it, but some days it will still feel like popping that cherry all over again.


Yes, don't be a weenie.


are they supposed to feel like steel cables?