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IT Band Pain


Hey everyone, i am looking for some advice here. I have an anatomical leg length discrepancy, and over the years this has caused me a number of chronic pain issues. I normally have problems with my SI joints, but recently the pain has migrated to my hip. My hip is hurting right below the trocanter, on the outside of my leg. I'm guessing it is my IT Band being inflamed.

I guess what i am asking is if anyone has chronic problems like this too and if so, do they know a way to work around them in order to still lift doing things like squats, DL, etc., because i can be randomly floored and taken out of my training at anytime.

I know that rest is the first thing i should do, but my hip or back could flare up just from standing too long, or other daily activities,
I have a passion for lifting and don't want to give it up, but it seems at this point that it may be doing me more harm than good in the long run.

Any thoughts? Advice? suggestions?

I would appreciate it.


Do you wear anything in your shoe to even out the leg length? That would seem to cure the problem at it's root. Depending on the severity of the discrepancy, you could wear a lift in the heel of the shoe of the short leg, or you can take your shoes to a shop and have the sole built up on one side. That really should make a meaningful difference.


I don't have a heel lift. I used to wear an orthotic that raised my leg slightly, but i never really adjusted to it properly i suppose. It never really felt right and i had the same problems with my joints.
Mostly, i try to go barefoot wherever i can; i can compensate for it in my gait when i don't wear shoes.
I am somewhat hesitant to go to a PT, to get it properly diagnosed and measured, due to the cost as well, but it may be my answer huh?


I don't suffer from the same condition as you(leg) but I used to get a lot of knee discomfort caused by a tight IT band. Once I started foam rolling the knee pain permanently went away. I strongly recommend that you try it.


Yeah, a foam roller is defiantly on my Christmas list. I was thinking about getting one after reading all of the praises form people.


I would seriously consider it. It is something that will make a structural difference, thereby addressing the underlying cause and not just the symptom. There are also no negative side effects.


OP I have the same issue, I go to a chiro once every 2-3 months for adjustment, costs about 40-50$ but its worth it
You should consider it


@young: Yeah, i was having to go pretty frequently in the past few months. My SI joint was acting up for a while. It just got to be too expensive doing it (I basically support myself and go to college). I have never had the problem with my hip until the last time i threw out my back.

@Dr.J: I noticed that you are a chiro by trade. Are heel lifts something i should talk about to my chiro, or should i see a PT? and do you know if it would be covered under general health insurance? Also, one more concern: i walk around barefoot a lot, something that i have always wondered about heel lifts is if i were to keep switching between walking with and without the lift, would there be any issues of discomfort?

By the way, Thank you for your replies everyone.


Your chiro should be able to get the lifts for you. Hypothetically, insurance will cover them if the doctor shows "medical necessity", but I have had difficulty getting any covered in the past few years. Custom orthotics are expensive, but simple heel lifts should be less than ten or fifteen bucks. The barefoot versus shoe issue shouldn't really be an issue. I wouldn't be too concerned.


Then i may go that route. I will see if a simple heel lift makes a difference, seeing as that won't set me back too much financially.