It Arrived!

After waiting with baited breath for several long, gruelling days, the Androsol has finally arrived! Upon awakening, I saw the box from Biotest at my doorstep and I tore into it like a starving animal looking for food. After digging through what I perceived to be nearly 100 feet of styrofoam, I was finally in the presence of greatness - there in front of my very eyes was the bottle of Androsol. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. I have just applied my first 70 sprays and I am feeling strangely fine. I’ll keep the forum posted regarding gains and further results.

My first cycle I really didn’t eat enough protein, but still gained three pounds from using Androsol. My second cycle I ate 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight and gained 7 pounds. So, Jason, keep that protein intake high, eat a little over your normal maintenence level, and you’ll do great.

Thanks for the advice, Paul. I’ll do my best, however I weigh 204lbs, and eating over 200 grams of protein can be a challenge itself!

Keep us posted on the lbm gains!!!

Okay, here’s the progress report: on day two, I lost four pounds. I went from 204lbs to 200lbs. Now on day three (today) I am at 203lbs. I weigh myself before I have anything to eat, and I use the same scale. The initial weight loss is probably just water fluctuation. I have noted that my muscles already feel somewhat harder in just 3 days! Perhaps it’s just my imagination, but perhaps not!

My weight is back up to 204lbs. I’m noticing an excellent “pump” during training.

My weight is fluctuating between 200 and 205. However, it does appear that I am becoming leaner. It’ll be interesting to see what the results are at the end of the cycle.

My weight has leveled off for the past two days at 201. I think this represents true fat loss. This is good because I am trying to replace the big puffy look with a more cut and defined look. I’ve been slacking off on my training the past couple of days, but I plan on making up for it by hitting the weights hard for the next few days.

I have another interesting effect to report. For the first few days of the cycle my libido was killed. It seemed to be virtually nonexistent. But about two days ago it came out of hiding with a vengeance! Just the word “girl” gives me a hard on, the sound of a female voice gives me a hard on, the sound of a female name gives me a hard on. I’ve been beating off so much my penis hurts! Today I went to the mall to buy some Tribulus, and every time I saw a boyfriend and girlfriend, I got this crazy urge to beat the shit out of the guys and take their girls! Of course I would never act on these impulses, but is it a normal reaction to androgens to have violent thoughts and impulses? Is this the often talked about “roid rage”?

This Sunday, I’m going to have to get to church early, because I’m going to be in the confessional for a long time!

Let me get this straight: You are using your elevated hormonal status not to tear up the gym, but stay home and yank it 24/7?

No wonder female athletes are catching up with us.

Matt, it sounds like instead of tearing up the gym, you’ve been reading too much neo-marxist feminist propaganda. However, if you are a “college” student I realize it’s not your fault. But here’s reality, I’ll sit home and jerk off and wait ten years for a female to outlift me. Then I’ll lift for a few months and surpass her. Then I’ll go back to jerking off until she catches up a few years later. Moreover, Matt, I’m not an athlete, weightlifting is just a hobby to me. Regarding androgens, I mainly take them for the androgenic high.

Okay, it’s been two weeks. My weight has stabilized at 204lbs, but I know I lost a few pounds of fat. So I’m sure I gained a few pounds of muscle. Lately I’ve cut the dose to 70 sprays once a day, so I still have some left. I’m going to continue using it until it’s gone. It seems that once you get to around two weeks of use, that’s when you really start noticing the effects. The skin of my face has become very oily, and I’ve broken out with a few pimples. I worked out two days ago, and yesterday it seemed as if I could actually feel myself growing! I’ll keep you posted for the next few days. Hopefully, I’ll have a few more pounds of lean body weight to report.

Jason, let me strongly recommend the salicylic acid topical anti acne products. There are various 2% gels that are available that work pretty well, much better than most acne medication. And a company called Biore’ has something called the “Blemish Bomb” which is salicyclic acid based, and though it is very expensive, it is awesomely effective for
trouble spots. (Use the cheaper gels for broad areas.)

Watch out, because acne after stopping use is typically
worse than while using androgens! This is I think because
of androgens having both short-acting anti-acne effect
(according to my hypothesis) and long-acting pro-acne effect. When you go off, you lose the anti-acne effect
and so the pro-acne effect becomes the only effect.

Definitely use salicylic acid gel liberally on trouble
areas which may include back, shoulders, and possibly

Thanks for the advice, Bill. Is this salicyclic acid available over-the-counter, I hope?

Hey guys! He did a cycle of androsol and he “thinks” he lost bodyfat, but he has no proof because he didn’t get his bodyfat checked before and after his cycle. He still weighs the same as he did when he started so he tells himself he must have lost fat. Maybe it is because he didn’t do anything right. Did you keep track of your lifts Jason? Did you eat enough? You even said you didn’t hit the gym hard! It is only a TWO WEEK friggin cycle Jason! Can’t you handle two weeks of hard training. You were obviously not ready for Androsol. Jason’s results were not typical. This stuff does work if you put forth some effort!

Hey Tflex! No, I don’t have a body fat measurer (or whatever it’s called) but I do have a mirror, and I can see that I’m more defined. Secondly, I’m not yet done with the Androsol. I already said that I cut the daily dosage in half. Moreover, as you know androgens do cause you to lose fat, so even if I didn’t touch a weight for the entire two weeks their would be some fat loss. So why is it so hard to believe that I probably lost some fat, and put on some lbm? My weight was down to 200-201 pounds for several days earlier in the cycle, now it’s back up to 204. Last night when I weighed myself I was 205. I just weighed myself about five minutes ago and was 203. With that kind of CONSTANT fluctuation, how am I supposed to know exactly what is water, what is fat, and what is lbm? Considering that I’m about 15-20% body fat, it’s very probable that I lost a few pounds of fat, and gained a few pounds of muscle. That’s what the mirror says anyway.

Okay, I know it’s not my imagination - the Androsol worked. I got together with a buddy of mine who I haven’t seen in a few weeks and we went to a bar we always go to. Everyone complimented me by telling me that I got “smaller in the stomach and bigger in the arms.” A few people even mentioned “how much weight I lost” despite the fact that my weight has not changed, so evidently I replaced some fat with muscle. They asked me how I did it so quickly and I mentioned Androsol and T-mag. These people never had heard of either, but I directed them to this site, and a few of them will be ordering some Androsol.

Those are very good results, Jason! Yes, I know some people have had bigger LBM gains (and they were eating more) but losing fat and gaining the same weight in muscle, and winding up looking visibly better in 2-3 weeks where people plainly see it, is an excellent accomplishment!

Where guys are wanting to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, I couldn’t reasonably hope for the product to do better than that! After all, we all knew that prohormones didn’t work too well! :slight_smile: At least that was the previous experience.

Thanks for your report!

I have to agree with Tflex, if you can’t put together 14 measly days of hard training why even bother taking Androsol? You sound like you weren’t that convinced that it was working. Trust me, if you’re busting your ass in the gym and eating enough calories you’ll KNOW it’s working without a doubt.

Despite what some people say, I’m quite impressed with the effects of 4-AD, especially the Androsol version. However, I didn’t know I needed permission from Tflex and Sig to use the stuff.