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It Ain't Over Till It's Over


Why do you keep doing this?

Just spreading the gospel to those who are indoctrinated by the corporate media.

What about the problem of media bias, regardless of its source? Just because you don’t buy your food a taco bell doesn’t mean you wont get the runs.

“Spreading the gospel to those indoctrinated by the corporate media” This could be the title of a case study on how someone can be so brainwashed by their own bias they can’t see how laughably indoctrinated they themselves are.

Honestly, this is getting hard to watch.

It’s just trolling at this point. You could line up about 100 of Zep’s posts and they would all be remarkably the same.

Regurgitated anti-capitalist and far left propaganda…I will admit it’s kind of fun to see how somebody can actually troll themselves when they are trying to troll somebody else.

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