It Ain't Much, But It's Honest Work


In order to annoy my friends a bit less talking about training, I’ve started a log. My progress ain’t much, but it’s honest. Some basic stats:

Height: 186
Current weight: ~91kgs
Age: 23


Alright, let me try to figure out this site.

Goals are becoming the juggernaut(ala @T3hPwnisher ), simply unstoppable. I have no allegiance to any method of training, so I’m trying out whatever seems hard. I train in some capacity every day, either cardio or lifting, tho with some extra toys I got more stuff to play with on my off gym days.

Todays training was some sandbag carries, finished out with a death by sandbag carry, where I wanted to stop at 3 laps, but I did one more because ofc. Sandbag remains at a mystery weight, probably between 40-50kg, which makes it floppy and extra annoying.

Tomorrow is Behind the neck push press follow by some squat conditioning, then idk, I’ll see.

I’ll probably keep updating as I try to remember the important parts I neglect to mention


Still not quite sure if I’m doing this right, but let’s go.

Behind the neck push press,
65kgs x 2 (went for 3, failed)

Squats x dumbell pullover superset,
60kg x 6, 15kgs x 10
6 sets
My knee was getting too angry with squats for some reason, need to figure out why.

Some arm and ab work, finished off with a bit of conditioning.


Hey I know you.

Nice work dude, way to get after it.

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Great to have you onboard!

Work was particularly exhausting today, thank god I’m only working twice a week. I work as a part time mailman, which has it’s pros and cons.

Either way it meant I ended up eating very little, drinking a lot of water, and doing a whole lot of activity. There was no chance for the gym, so I opted for my sandbag again. Shirtless training is quite fun. Did some carries, felt unstoppable, really pushed to the limit then just called it a day. I’m still drinking a whole lot of water and everything, just focusing on recovery.

Tomorrow is bench(which I might replace with push press, not feeling like benching) and some tower of babel conditioning horror, if my knee feels up for the task.


Good to have you on board dude!

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Bench day. Gave up on push press, wasn’t feeling up for it. Came in really tired and exhausted.

Bench and row:

50kg x 10 superset with low row machine

5 sets, felt slow and sluggish.

Arms and abs.

Conditioning was front squats supetset with power cleans.

Front squat 40kgs x 5, superset power cleans 40kgs x 2.
Rest 20 seconds, do it over.

Got 13 rounds, was dripping sweat by the end.


Holiday today, so sandbag training. 2 laps of carries, one just kind of a general sandbag carry and other one being more bear hug one.

10 rounds, ending with a full on death march to finish it off. Just about died after those, but man, sandbag training is something else. Really feels like I’m building something serious, makes me excited to see how much I can build with it during a bulk. Almost finished with my cut as well, can’t wait for that. I miss being able to eat lol.


Another long day at work, but there’s no stopping me. Todays workout:

close grip bench superset with a row

45kgs x 10, 20kg per side for rows.

5 sets, no breaks inbetween sets, just keep moving.

Some curls.

Conditioning was stiff legged deadlifts superset with goblet squats, EMOM. Doubles on SLDLS, 6s on goblet squats. 15 rounds, last round AMRAP-ed deadlifts and got 6. Was drenched by the end.

Currently having a lovely storm, great finish for this week.


Bit of late updates, got busy and then stuck in ennui. Yesterday was sandbag work follow by a nice family day trip. Hit a PR of 10 laps on sandbag carry, no dropping but allowed myself rest in lapped state. It sucked, but damn it made me feel unstoppable.

Today was a 6km run, took around 47 minutes. Very slow, but on the last km when I pushed the pace my lungs were on fire, so oh well. Tomorrow is more btn push pressing and some squats, hopefully knee plays along.

I’m also getting tired of cutting, so I’ll probably end it soon. I want to get back to gaining again


Behind the neck push press, new PR.

67.5kg for a single. Could’ve probably hit 70, but decided not to.

Squats and dumbell pullover combo continues to have me suck wind, focused on making sure my knees are externally rotated and all that, worked quite well for knees. I think I got lazy and that’s why my knees hurt. Ended up doing 7 rounds, no break in between rounds.

Some arms and abs, and for conditioning it was airbike supersetted with kettlebell swings. It continues to suck, but I figure it’s doing something.

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Rainy day at work today, wasn’t particularly fun, but I got it done. Definitely wasn’t feeling like training today, but once I got started I managed to find the intensity.

Workout was sort of chaos, since I was limited to the small space in my garage, so I had to get creative. Ended up doing some carries and shouldering. Was quite a nice surprise to find out I can shoulder my sandbag. Guess it’s time to fill it up all the way, see if I can shoulder that.

Plan moving forward with sandbag training will be starting off with some sandbag shouldering until I want to die, then do a few more. After that it’s gonna be some carries to fry my forearms and erectors, and that should work for now.

Tomorrow is tower of babel again plus bench. Gonna be a busy week


Sleep was surprisingly great tonight, which felt awesome. Been awhile since I slept so well.

Todays training was bench supersetted with machine rows.

55kgs x 10, for rows it was 25kgs per hand. 5 rounds, last 2 were real grinders on bench.

After that soem arms and abs, conditioning was front squat and stiff legged deadlifts. 5s on front squats, 3s on SLDLs, 10 rounds. My erectors were on fire, and I was properly gassed at the end.


Another great night of sleep. Feels weird to get those twice in a row. Onto the workout.

Flat bench was taken, so incline it was.

45kg x 10, low row machine 22.5kgs per hand x 10.

5 rounds, last couple of sets were amraps and grinders.

Some arms and abs, followed by conditioning.

SLDLs, 82.5kgs supersetted with goblet squats, 20kg dumbells.

doubles on SLDLs, 5s on goblet squats. 15 rounds, 12:08. Last week was 12:14, which is a nice improvement. Some details are last week SLDLs were a bit heavier(85kgs) but goblet squats were lighter(15kgs). So I’m still claming it’s a PR, especially since yesterday I also did deadlifts.

Properly gassed by the end. Today is blood donation, which should be nice. Been awhile since I did it last time. Also started looking pretty lean post workout, which is good sign. Can’t wait to get back to gaining tho.


Phew, what a day. Sleep was short, work was demanding, but I cannot be stopped. Blood donation was yesterday, felt recovered after a few hours, to the surprise of myself. Hit the gym after work, because who needs rest.

Push press.

60kgs x 4(PR)
50kgs x 3
50kgs x 5(PR)
50kgs x 4

Chest supported rows supersetted with back off sets.

Followed that with an ABC EMOM, triples. 10 rounds done in 9:25, absolutely gassed. Felt unstoppable


Run today. 7km, done in 48:18. I’m not buying that time, I think the watch got a bit janked, because that was last weeks 6km time. Oh well, it sucked either way. Running is like high rep squats for me, there’s always that one more km. Consequently, the last km felt utterly awful, but I probably could’ve done another if I wanted to.

Gonna be a busy day today, then tomorrow I have my rampage meal. Very excited for it


Sandbag training today. Managed a triple on sandbag to shoulder, which was dope. Did 10 sets in total, mostly doubles. It sucks, but holy fuck it’s building up something evil.

Next up was a giant set of shoulder carries and regular sandbag carries. Absolutely exhausting, but worth it. Really digging the sandbag.

Next up, a buffet to finish off the week. Hell yea


Today was just bad. I think the carnage of the weekend and poor sleep finally caught up to me, felt absolutely exhausted today. On the plus side, woke up lighter today, which was wild to see especially after how much I ate. Weight loss is dumb. Anyway, todays training was simple.

Squats, 80kgs 4x5.

Behind the neck press, 30kgs 4x10 supersetted with chest supported rows

Arms and abs,

Airdyne conditioning


  • Felt slow and hard as hell. Supersetted with dumbell pullovers, sets of 10. I’m really liking this superset, will probably do it more often.
  • BtN press felt sluggish, but I was already expecting that.
  • Conditioning was tabata intervals on airdyne. Was already running on fumes, just decided to redline my heart and lungs and go home.
  • After my shower and protein shake I straight up napped like a baby for half an hour, which felt amazing. Honestly serioulsly considering a second nap in afternoon, I feel really tired.
  • Weather is a rainy/cloudy day, I like it.

Woke up early for work, only to get told I don’t need to come in at breakfast. So I took the opportunity to get to the gym early.

Bench, worked up to a 80kg single, moved well. Some back off triples.

Machine rows, just went close to failure for 4 sets. 20kgs per hand.

Arms and abs, felt solid.

Conditioning was front squat superset with deadlifts.

Front squats 40kgs x 5,
SLDLs 65kgs x 3,
rest about 15-20 seconds.

Did 10 rounds, really gassed.

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