It Ain't a Trap Bar but It's Good for Car Deadlifting

Hi all,

I’ve searched for long time if I found somewhere similar equipment (and experiences of it) like this one we have at our gym.

And how it would transfer into normal deadlift?

For example, I did easy 305kg x 3 reps with this one

  • Ville

Do normal deadlift and see. Depending on the weight distribution and leverage you could be picking up 200kg or 100kg. Hard to tell with just a pick.

yea its funny how much it is. it says 65kg on the side (first we thought it was the box weight) but we measured it with scale so it is 65kg from the handels.

ofc its not “real 65kg” because of lever of arm.

I don’t see the movement carrying over well to conventional deads. Just based on my own tries with a ghetto rig, it is WAY more quad intensive. It’s a lot more like a hack squat.

I think it’s still a baller movement for the quads, but if my goal was to build a bigger deadlift, I would spend more time with mat pulls, reverse hypers and heavy ab work than I would with car deads.