Istanbul Terror Attacks

My guess is that they don’t need Turkey anymore and it was an easy target given their proximity.

There are plenty of sheep and wolves in the Middle East, but there are zero indigenous guard dogs.
Why is that?

I am detecting a sort of soft bigotry on the regressive left regarding this attack. This wasn’t Paris, this wasn’t a gay bar, somehow this seems ‘less important’ event. Why?
My guess is that Turkey isn’t a haven for extreme liberal principles, or that they are brown people and they don’t count as much as gays or Parisians. Or, there are absolutely NO white men to shoulder any kind of blame this time, correctly or incorrectly attributed. They cannot even make a correlation at all, so it’s not a narritive that benefits their agenda.
I don’t know, but they seem to be playing into the narrative that this is now just common place and just how the world is and just another news story. Nothing to get excited about.

I refuse to let it be just another news story. Terrorism is a big deal no matter where it happens.

And John Kerry makes me sick. What an asshole.
“Hey they are carrying out terror attacks because they are losing.” ← Now, asshole, they are carrying out terror attacks because they still exist and that’s what they have sworn to do. They have suffered some losses, but no where near enough.
Carrying out terror attacks is one of their primary objectives and always has been, as they themselves have stated. Carrying out terrorist attacks isn’t a sign of them losing. It’s a carrying out of one of their main objectives.
Without blowing them in to humiliation, they will continue to move, mesh, meld and adapt. Our operations have been so slow, they have plenty of time to adapt and refocus.

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ISIS is likely attacking Turkey because of it’s historical significance to the Ottoman Empire and the last Caliph (Abdülmecid II Abd al-Madjeed al-Thâni). I assume they believe Turkey should be/is a part of the new Caliphate fuck head Baghdadi thinks he’s creating.

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Bush would have dealt with ISIS, he wouldn’t apologize for them, he wouldn’t hide from them. And when he drew a red line, he acted upon it’s crossing.

Using a Bush speech from 2001 does not excuse the appalling foreign policy gaffs of the obama administration.
Under Bush, we at least could talk about the problem honestly and not have to run and hide from the PC police.

Terrorism is not a problem the left have the intelligence, stomach or balls to deal with. There have been 4 major terror attacks in Europe and 2 in the U.S. in the last 18 months.
Let’s just play games, blame everybody but the terrorists, and lecture people on islamophobia. Let’s use love to combat terrorists, that’ll show’em.

Imagine if the Allies in WW2 had a 60 country coalition to fight the Nazis and the Japanese? That would have been a shorter war.
Yet we have a 60 country coalition to fight ISIS and yet progress is so agonizingly slow, I don’t even know what to compare it with. If 60 countries truly declared war on ISIS, they would be a grease spot hardly anyone remembers.

We don’t send Americans to die, we send them to win and make ISIS die. Take care of Assad while we’re at it. How many people are already dieing because of our soft approach. At least 43 people died yesterday without anybody fighting back. 49 people died 19 days ago. 129 people died a couple of months before that.
What should we do that we are already not doing? How about an official declaration of war and implement NATO article 5? That would be a good starting point.
Allies fight, safe zone for refugees get set up and the proper allocation of resources without impediment proceed without having to circumnavigate the seas of bureaucratic bullshit.

Guess what? We already have U.S. boots on the ground. They are already fighting, but their forces are small and their risks are super high and some have died.

Do you honestly believe this is not going to escalate?

The best way to limit casualties of war is to win that war as quickly as possible.

I prefer ‘Women-beating-child-fuckers’ to ‘Goat Herders’

Dogs are considered ‘Dirty’

That was a quote from a Bush speech shortly after 9/11…

Yes, my point was about Obama’s refusal to use the term “radical Islam”, not the quoted speech. Sorry for any confusion.

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This is pretty much were the left loses me in this whole thing too.

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While I agree that your plan is equally as idiotic, the difference here is that what CB was posting is an actual real reaction and real plan by mainstream high ranking dems. But I’m glad you think the Dems going after the NRA is as idiotic a response as if Republicans in congress staged a sit-in in favor of nuking the middle east.

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You do realize that the overwhelming majority of terrorist attacks are in gun free zones…RIGHT?

Anyone who carry’s a weapon and knows how to use it would be able to either prevent a terrorist attack or at least dramatically cut back on the carnage.

So yes I would love to see more weapons sold to the good guys. 300 million more would be just fine. More weapons in the hands of NRA members and other solid citizens who know how to use them would mean less deaths in any terrorist attacks by the scum sucking Islamic terrorists.

I hope I was clear enough for you this time.

As for Obama I remember another weak kneed President by the name of Jimmy Carter. There were many at that time that started to say that the modern Presidency might be too big for just one man. These words came after Carter repeatedly showed himself to be ineffective in dealing with Iranian terrorists. Then something happened . In walked Ronald Reagan and suddenly the job didn’t seem too big for one man. The rest is history…

I am looking forward to seeing Trump succeed the President.


Come on man, you don’t actually think he has any shot what-so-ever do you?

Quinnipiac has him within 2, and within the margin of error. If this (terrorist attacks) continue, his Muslim ban might not seem so crazy, and he will probably win the narrative as to who will keep people safe, especially against the pant suit.

I am actually going to top you. Believe it or not Obama is so very bad that I look forward to virtually anyone taking over after the failure Obama leaves office. I would be happier if it were someone who didn’t raise my taxes and appointed conservative judges. But honestly anyone would be better than him.

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I thought exactly that about him winning the nomination too.