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Ist Cycle Log

Ok, well I wasn’t going to post a log about this til it was most of the ways done, but what the hell. This will be my log, keep me honest, a place for random thoughts that come up even if they have nothing to do with the training or AAS.

If anyone has a problem with me posting a cycle log here, since we’ve got a lot of logs floating around, I’ll move it to my profile. Let me know.

Monday–rise 7:00am, train 10:00am

wide grip bench 5x5
decline db bench 4x6-8
wide grip chins 5x5, away from failure
A1) narrow grip chins 1x6, 1x3
A2 narrow grip lat pulldowns 4 x quadruple drop-set

felt sluggish, not used to morning workouts. Or being awake at 7 am for that matter.

inject 2 pm.
met my prof for a conference in the afternoon, no hiking. bust ass on research


combo cable/db fly/press 4x6 (meant for 8 reps)-- damn embarrassing. Not used to this bodybuilding style stuff :smiley:

two position cable fly 3x 8/8 (only hit the target reps on the first set)
db hammer curls 5x5
EZ bar wide grip curls, elbows in 3x8
narrow grip cable curls, elbows out 3x10
tricep rope pushdowns 3x8
lateral raises 2x8, hanging leg raises 3x10

said goodbye to a bud moving to texas, stayed up late but no drinking. exhausted but couldn’t sleep well at ALL.

Tuesday-- late rising. Finally fell asleep early morn, so slept til 10:30. Headaches suck. training to be done shortly (1:30 ish)

Squats 4x5, 1x5, 1x3, 2x5
good mornings 1x8 burnout.
lunges 3x6
leg press 3x12
pull-throughs 3x10 —old olympic plate stacked one. the best kind.

out of the session at 3:40pm. I’m W.A.S.T.E.D. My back was already exceedingly sore going into today for some reason (dunno, but may have been my arch on the bench) and I was real tired, so I plodded through. productive though.

Tonight around 9:00pm:

rear delt, scapular stabilizers, abs. prehab/rehab.

What are the chances you put up your weights, along with exercises and repetitions? Y’know, just to follow your progress?

haha. I actually hadn’t planned to unless I hit a milestone. I wanted to lay out my general training scheme for those interested, and keep my posts fairly short and if I start adding all the weights I’m going to start running long and it’ll cloud the general structure up a bit as well. I already have a problem with being verbose :slight_smile: .

besides, my weights naturally vary from day to day pretty wildly (I load % mostly by instinct) and I’m also in a super-accumulation phase where my training capacity is going to be seriously taxed, even while on. I don’t anticipate many wild strength gains from this first month because of the insane (for me) volume and frequency.

Hmm, on second thought I may move this log elsewhere, or rename it if that’s the case.

Laid off the HOT-ROX this afternoon so I could maybe catch some Z’s tonight. Unfortunately it worked a bit too well–I accidentally passed out in my chair, and when I woke up (just a few minutes ago) the gyms were closing! Crap. 10 pm hours suck.

Everything from my back to my butt is sore, as is my entire front side and arms from the chest workout. Awesomeness.

Food intake was too low today, but that’ll get underway shortly. Waking late screwed my day’s food intake up royally but I’ll get it fixed up tomorrow.

exercises for the PM session are going to be the following:

10-2 raises, thumbs up
A1) rear delt flyes
A2) seated L-external rotations
A3) standing L-external rotations, elbow at side

cable shrugs with external rotation
face pulls–either here or with my rowing tomorrow.


train 11:30–I was so sore in the chest and biceps I had trouble being flexible enough to get overhead. Seriously hampered my overhead pressing. My back was screaming too, so I thought my db rows would suffer, but I pushed through to “acceptable” standards.

push press 4x5
single arm db row 1x10, 1x10, 3x8
seated neutral grip db overhead press 2x8, 2x7
seated v-grip cable row 4x8
lean away cable lateral raises muscle rounds 3 x 12
face pulls 3x 15 ish

train 9:00pm

pec deck 3x50
narrow grip conc. curl, elbows out 2x50
lat pulldown 1x100 ish
machine chest press 1x100
straight bar cable curls 1x100

Waiting for the damn appetite increases to kick in. It’s not happening. I think the tren may be interfering, and I’ve been taking HRX as well. Oh well, power through.

On a separate note, not liking glute shots at all. hard time stabilizing my hand and aspirating while twisting around. And for some reason the feeling of the bolus is… not cool I guess. My quad will have to wait till tomorrow to see if it’s more painful, but right now it’s been the second least painful shot I’ve done (VG being the best). Must have hit it just right.

Scared the crap out of me for a split second when I jabbed myself though, my quad spasmed when the pin when in on reflex I think :).

(was sitting down with it extended on a cushion and relaxed).

I get those quad spasms too; when doing quads though; not sure sounds like your quad spamsed when you hit the VG. It just happens. Here’s another thing. A lot of the time I just poke it but even after all the dozens and dozens [which is probably more accurately stated as hundreds and hundreds] of pokes everyone once in awhile I too have to take a long exhale and do it.

Like yourself, most of us, myself including love the VG prefer the VG and would only use the VG. Now that I’m tapering I only use the VG. Left on Sunday’s and Right on Wednesday’s

Its difficult for many to reach behind especially when aspirating. Repetition brings enhanced proficiency. But the glute in terms of a site itself is probably second to none. When I was having someone else do my shots they almost always went into the glute.

Okay, I have not been around in a while, so I apologize for missing whatever has led up to this. Last time I talked to you I believe you were intending to put things off for a while.

Anyway I for one am happy to see you log this, and look forward to following it. Only one problem: I have no idea what you are running! You mind directing me to where ever the previous discussion is of compounds and dosages, ect you will be using?

Good luck Aragorn. And welcome to The Dark Side!

lol. I could have sworn you were in on the discussion as to what I was going to run Cortes… I dunno, that was a while ago.

Test Prop 525 mg /week, inj. ED
Tren Ace 300-350 mg/ week, inj ED (will up the dose when I go into my strength training block in 1 month, or if I get a reserve stash of Tren that will leave me with leftovers regardless)

Cabergoline Tues/Fri
Finasteride everyday (just to be safe :slight_smile: )

nolva on hand, but not running it. I know KSman advocates running regardless of sides, but I want to see how I handle the doses in terms of sides first. That way I’ll have an idea for the future.

Still considering adding Masteron in for the added aggression. Expensive though nearby. Would like to, but will probably not.

Not feeling any increased aggression yet, or increased appetite, from either of the compounds. In fact, I feel no different than normal, except that I’m in a good mood all the time. That actually hit me about 24 hours in.

The only “off” thing that could possibly be due to my elevated T --but was likely NOT-- was on Sunday (injected Fri/Sat to assess pain and how much to cut my prop with oil), when I snapped at a group of douchebag baseball fans that I was umpiring for.

–I haven’t had problems with fans getting on my case in years, which is a matter of pride of course :). However, these fans were yelling mean things at the kids, not me, and that is a no-no in my book. You don’t smear the kids in a rec league game. EVER. Then they got on my case. People are so childish.

Today’s an OFF day.

Overall training scheme for my “visual training” block:

M-- chest/lats (vert. pull) , chest/bicep
T – legs, prehab/rotator/scap health/balance
W-- Shoulders/row (horz. pull), chest/bicep
Th-- OFF
Fri-- chest/lats (vert pull), chest/bicep
Sat-- legs, prehab/balance etc.
Sun-- OFF

Morning sessions are all compound movements, PM sessions are all isolation movements. Friday is an incline version of Monday. Hiking is to be done for 45 min-1 hour between training sessions.

reps are not to go lower than 5/6. Vary the rep scheme on my chest/bicep isolation sessions to help recovery.

Goals-- chest size, lat width, biceps. Shoulders too, but they’re stronger visually that the others and they’ll get more work in the strength training block anyway.

I keep gassing out before I do abs. This is not acceptable.

Oh, Cortes, I was going to put it off for a while, and did for a bit. Finally I just got too fed up with having everything and staring at it :smiley:

Also, my leg strength returned to about 90% (ish) of my previous best, so I decided to go ahead. Size isn’t the main concern, even though I’ll take what I can get. It was always strength gains and visual improvements.

Sounds like a good first cycle for you, bud. I was definitely around and participating in the discussion when you were hammering it out, it just seems like I missed something between then and just now, because everybody else here seems to know exactly what you’re talking about :wink:

And yeah, I know all about having gear looking me in the face and trying not to look back.

Also on an unrelated note, I’ve been very much enjoying reading your contributions in the PWI forum. You are one of the most balanced and level headed guys there. I personally keep out of those discussions because I went down that road a long time ago and it didn’t lead me anywhere, but I very much enjoy reading.

Hey Aragorn,

I guess both me and Cortes have been gone awhile, so I’m catching up here too. Wow, that’s a hell of a first cycle, you just jumped right in, lol!

I’m looking forward to reading about your first anabolic adventure, good luck.


[quote]Aragorn wrote:
nolva on hand, but not running it. I know KSman advocates running regardless of sides, but I want to see how I handle the doses in terms of sides first. That way I’ll have an idea for the future.[/quote]

Maybe a typo, but I wanted to clarify just in case. The preference is the running of an AI, like A’dex throughout, not a SERM.

Thank you. That is all.

Cortes-- thanks for the kind words buddy. I try to keep my cool most of the time, although to be honest the longer I stay in there the harder I find it to be civil with many of the posters. It was a complete accident that drew me in in the first place.

I think I saw some ridiculousness that I just couldn’t let pass, and then it was a quick slide down :).

But yeah-- I have my views, but I don’t mind being wrong if I can learn more in the process. I think the more personal feeling one injects into a political discussion the faster things turn sour.

It’s only a matter of time before I seriously slip up though. heh. maybe I should get out while I still can…

Jelly-- I’m looking forward to this experiment too. It should be a fun ride.

5.0-- yes, typo. thanks.

Nice to have an off day. I feel better after the high rep work yesterday, but still sore. I will eat myself into an early coma tonight… quad still feels better than I thought, so I might be doing more quad shots.

Additionally, i figured out I have been inadvertently under-dosing my tren shots. I did the initial calculations based on a 100mg/mL concentration, not the 75mg/mL it says on the vial. Moron. SO I made up the difference in my shot today.

Still no strength benefits yet, but some definite volume benefits–although I attribute this to the beta-alanine I’m scarfing like candy rather than the AAS just yet. We’ll see come next week.

Feeling really sluggish and unmotivated today. Still slightly sore. Very possibly the lack of sleep from last night (I live in a noisy bar district–live music last night which is unusual for thursday)

EDIT: Forgot. the AM workout was good, even though I still feel sluggish and didn’t want to train. Pretty terrible on the incline bench, but then I always have been. weirdly, my push press is light years ahead of my incline bench. More than should be just leg drive, I think. My lat exercises rocked the house though.


incline bench 3x5, 1x4 --terrible. I need to lighten the weight next time to hit 6-8 reps
incline dumbbell press 3x8, 1x7
med-narrow chins 4x8
eagle cable pulldowns (of CT/ Bauer fame) 5x10, 1x8
cable pullovers (lat machine) 1x15, 1x10, 1x14

1st time I ever tried the eagle pulldowns. I love them. put up 155 in each hand for 10 for the last full set. Nice that they don’t hit my biceps much, just the lats. On a related note, I love the old olympic plate loaded cable machine.

PM: will be something like

incline flies
incline combo fly/press OR incline concentric press/eccentric fly
narrow grip, elbows out bb curl
narrow grip, elbows out concentration curl
strict hammer db curl OR bb drag curl

First road bump-- Had to help move a friends washer/dryer/cabinet set up into a truck so it could be hauled down to relatives in Tulsa. Now the gym closes in 20 minutes. That’s too little for my chest/bicep workout

Crap. Crappity crap crap. I hate, I mean, I HATE missing scheduled training sessions.

I’m going to try get a session in this evening with my Jumpstretch bands. Not great, but I can attach them to the stairs in my apartment and get my work done. Should be enough load on them to push me.

Really rough weekend. I’m not gonna go into everything except to say Murphy was right. Starting up my updates again today.

1 week weigh-in— up 9.2 lbs.

AM session

A1) super-wide grip bench (3x5) 4x4-5
***terrible. real uncomfortable. I lost strength in this movement which is frustrating since I haven’t done it in a long time.
A2) left hand cable flies 2x10 (light)

B1) decline db bench 4x8
***gained here though. My chest is sadly weak.
B2) left hand cable flies 3x10 (light)

wide grip chins 4x7
C1) narrow grip chins 3x6, 1x5
C2) hanging leg raises 3x10
narrow grip lat pulldown UBER drop sets-- 1x10,10,10,13 ; 1x 10,8,8,12 ; 1x10,10,15, 30 ish,10 (moved back up in weight)

*****My lats are getting big. They always got worked with heavy rows and deadlifts before, and they always responded really well to the chin/lat pulldown giant drop set combo before too. Now it’s just crazy.

biceps also showing some good progress. Probably because I never seriously worked them before :slight_smile:

Not noticing any increased libido yet. As I’ve been on for a week, that concerns me somewhat—methinks perhaps my estrogen levels are a bit high?

[quote]Aragorn wrote:

Not noticing any increased libido yet. As I’ve been on for a week, that concerns me somewhat—methinks perhaps my estrogen levels are a bit high?[/quote]

Would high levels of estrogen hurt your libido? I could be wrong but I’ve never heard of this. And in my personal experience, I have let estrogen (stupidly) get pretty damned high and never had it hurt my libido at all. Conversely, when I eliminated all estrogen from my system (with Letrozole), it completely killed my libido even while using a high dose of test.

PM session:

combo db press/cable fly 4x8
two position cable fly (low/high) 4x8/8, 1x8
hammer db curls 5x5
EZ bar curls, wide grip elbows in 3x8
cable curls narrow grip elbows out 3x10

OK session. Nothing great. increased weight or reps on all exercises.