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Issues with Phentermine Not Working?

Doc had prescribed this for me in the past and wants to give it to me now, the 37.5mg version. It did nothing for me before except make me feel pissed off when it wore off. No real energy nor appetite suppression.

Anyone else have this issue before? Need something to help get the fat loss started and appetite suppressed some.

How about you move more and eat less to start losing weight?

[quote]Fuzzyapple wrote:
How about you move more and eat less to start losing weight? [/quote]

Doing that now, just looking for a little assistance for a jump start is all. Now can someone who isn’t being an ass actually answer the question please?


You do understand that once you come off this drug that your appetite will come back. Are you recording when you eat and how much you’ve been eating to truly say it’s not working? Did you start with a base line of how “big” your appetite is before taking the drug thus you can refer back to your base line recording with your food logs? Did your doctor ask you any question or just wanted you out of his office and gave you the prescription? Did he/she go over any other alternatives measures besides drugs with you?

People have been losing weight for many years now without the assistance of prescription drugs.

Got nothing to say or are you really waiting for someone to come in here and tell you their experience? Since it’s often prescribed to obese or very overweight people, we have a very very small portion of people on T-Nation that would fall in that category. Just a FYI.