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Issues w/Cycle

I’m on about day 10 or so, and my strength is actually declining.

Test & EQ -

I’m eating all day long…

Weight is maintaining, gained 1-3lbs over the past week…nothing outside of my norm natural gains…

Lastnight I did legs, and was a few plates down on strength. I almost cried (ok im kidding), but it was pretty bad.

No adjustments to regimen.
5 Days rest for each bodypart…always naturally gaining strength & weight/size.

All I’ve noticed thus far from my cycle is appetite increase & insomnia…which is making me pretty irritable.

Feedback ?

your on day 10? haha just keep eating big and lifting hard, you still got a while before you truly reap the benefits. for me my weight didn’t really “jump” untill 4.5 weeks in.
Patience, good luck


Hey bro, I’m in wk7 of my test and eq cycle. I am up 20lbs and strong as an ox. My squat has gone from doing 235 x 8 to 355 x 8 (just started doing squats two months ago due to injury).

I have also experienced some insomnia and have been using prescription sleep meds to get me through the rest of the cycle. I think my insomnia is caused by the eq since I have used this test before with no problem. Anyway back to your question, your gains will start coming during weeks 3 and 4, if you did a proper frontload more like week 3.

Be patient and enjoy the cycle.

“A few Plates Down”… sounds like your just leg pressing :frowning: I hope not!! Got on dem squats!!

Normally I can go up to 8-10 plates (x2) on the old Power Squat. (All the weight is on you, just easier to balance & focus on legs)

I was down to 7 plates (x2) for like…5 or something… it was disgusting. Close to a warm-up weight.

Typical Leg Day1:

5-7 Power Squat (+2 warm)
4-5 Leg Press
4-5 Extension Super w/ Smith Squat

…and the insomnia is seriously screwing with me. I’m trying Melotonin, but I don’t like taking sleep-aids…



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