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Issues Keeping on The Weight -Too Much Cardio


I currently have a job as a valet in downtown Atlanta that i am working 4 to 5 nights a week, for those of you that don't know we have to run the entire shift (which can be 4 to 6 hours) , its just a brisk jog but still burning calories. i eat beef jerky, mixed nuts and protein shakes.

but i am still shrinking down.. my strength gains are going out the roof but its still a sad day when i jump on the scale and see -3lbs this week alone.

does anyone else have issues with this?

i was thinking about getting a few cases of protein bars and just eat one an hour.

let me know what you guys think!


Dude I used to have the same problem. I drove a beer truck for 11 years. When I was trying to grow and deliver it was a bitch. Pack a cooler and eat often and alot. Multiple peanut butter sandwhiches are easy to make pack and to eat on the fly. Use them to bump up the intake.


For one thing, 3lbs doesn't mean anything. Your weight can fluctuate that much if you just drop carbs for a few days. I understand where you are coming from because you don't gain a lot of muscle without being somewhat obsessive about your body weight.

For one thing, you may need to simply eat more calorically dense foods than you have previously. You will get sick of eating protein bars, Those things are dry as hell and, trust me, as someone who did rely on them greatly once, you will tire of them FAST.


If you have a cooler, bring some boiled eggs with you to eat at lunch time. Cheap, easy, and a fair amount of protein.


While the above listed are good ideas (calorically dense foods are great), you might also want to mix up some weight gainer concoction and just drink on it throughout your night. I'm constantly telling people that they get fat because of sugary beverages, well it can work to your advantage too (just not the sugary part). I think I just posted something about it the other day on here, but during on of my earlier bulks, I would drink a Myoplex shake with every 'meal' (which was usually a couple of sandwiches, either tuna, or PB)



When i was doing Valet parking, i would bring 3-4 Yogurts with me to work on top of Protein shakes. EZ and fast calories to get down.


off topic

what's the tip nowadays for valet parking?


What is working like a charm for me right now is putting 3 scoops of whey in a one gallon jug of water with 1 cup of finely ground oatmeal and 3 packets of Splenda. It tastes almost, kinda of, well not really, like oatmeal cookies. Better than a whole lot of nothing.


I just threw up in my mouth a little.


EEEK! Now that sounds pretty nasty. Why not use regular milk or skim?


I used to take 2 cans of tuna and mix it with orange juice...Blend it for 2 minutes into a cream so it would not feel grainy going down, Plug my nose and chug. Ah, those were the days! I get sick just thinking about it now


Because I don't have any refrigeration, mate. It tastes like room temp. rice water really.


Oh, it gets worse.

When I first started lifting, naturally I knew nothing, and among other oonsequences was for a time duped by the nutritional theories of John Parillo.

Who had it that if you trained as thoroughly as he wanted, which I did, and kept fat intake low then you COULD not get fat. Because, you see, it is only in mistaken theory that carbs can turn to fat: in practice they don't, quoth Parillo. The scale weight going up was muscle, that was for sure. He viewed 10,000 calories a day as being about right.

Well, I didn't go that far and was doing "just" 6000. And with the sorts of foods he recommended.

Now, to be able to take this with me and have it as frequently as required, I blended, among other things:

Fish (shades of the Bass-O-Matic...)
Brown rice

and I don't remember what else -- at least some other vegetables besides the cabbage, and probably some protein powder too -- and called the concoction "swill."

So I brought the swill with me in quart jars to have every 2 hours.

It stunk up any room it was in, too, if the container was opened. For example to drink it.

Frankly it was awful.

(And yes, Parillo was wrong and the weight gains were almost all fat.)


MMMM, that's delicious bass! lol