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Issues after PCT


Hi all its my first post, just looking for someone with expriance that can advise what direction to take from the situation that im in.

I was running clenbuterol for 2 weeks at 0.3ml and taking 500mg taurine tabs a day.
At the same time i was running Var as i was advised it would retain mass and support fat loss more. I only ran it for 3 weeks or so. I then didnt no nothing about PCT as the guy didnt tell me anything about it. So i was getting side effects of being jittery feeling shakey and decentrialisation and other effects of something depleting in my body. So i ran clomid at 50mg for 3 weeks and im of it now, but i think im still getting some sort of rebound effect.

I know ive made mistakes here and there as i didnt do my research before taking these drugs as the guy didnt even tell me they were roids and where completely safe to use which obviously not.

Just to mention my blood test have been all good on the 3 times ive had them. Also had my test levels checked whilst i was on clomid and that was perfect as well Ive been off clomid for the first day and the side effects are comming back again.

Thanks in advance


yo bro

Ok those sides you are experiencing, the shakes nervousness and anxiety are products of the clen. This is owing to the fact that it effects the smpathetic nervous system.

How were you taking the clen? you do know that its advised to run cycles of 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, and build it up and taper down in those 2 weeks. Not to exceed 120mcg. these are standard effects and the body does tend to aclimatise itself appropriately after time.

Were there any specific steroid sides, such as gyno, acne, loss of sexual drive? As the var is one of the mildest anabolic-androgenic steroids. What was the dosage of var u ran? 3 weeks of var shouldnt in theory provide u with sides unless you exploited it.

To run such an extensive PCT after 3 weeks is possibly too much. I do feel the sides u were experiencing is solely the Clen.

cheers mate


He said he was taking 0.3 mL, which is stupid to say because it obviously doesn't tell us anything about the concentration, but if it is 100 mcg/mL, then he was only taking 30 mcg/day. I don't think that low of a dose has a lot of sides. Also it can be run for longer periods (I have read) without cycling the two on/two off as it is less harsh on the receptors.

Var is also one of the most counterfitted steroids out there. This guy sounds like a real goon, so his supplier probably took advantage of him and sold him fake shit. It could have been skittles or something a little harsher.


Easy bro, he's here for some help, so lets try help him where we can.

"Anyone who thinks clen does anything for them after more than 3 weeks of continuous usage, is experiencing the power of the mind and nothing more.

the beta receptors downgrade rapidly when taking clen. After 15-20 days of continuous usage the receptors will be so down regulated that anything taken after that is completely useless.

Clen must be taken for x number of days, followed by x number of days off. Most knowledgable people go 2 days on, 2 days off, or 1 week on, 1 week off, or 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off.

No one who knows what they're doing goes more than 2 weeks on. The longer you're on, the longer you need to stay off to allow the beta receptors to up-regulate. You can't go 2 weeks on, 2 days off, that won't work."

whered you find the Var mate? how sure are you that its legitimate?


^^^I've read what you posted about Clen as well, but that is at higher dose (120 mcg). I do not think a dosing at a fourth of that has the same negative repercussions on the beta receptors. I know at least one well-known bodybuilding prep coach that will run low dose Clen for at least a month with his clients with great results.

I don't know if you're new here (April 2012) or you are just an older member with a new screen name, but in the past we have tried to maintain a higher degree of expectations on this site in order to foster more meaningful conversation and advice. The majority of steroid boards suck because they are full of one post wonders leaching from the community and offering nothing in return. This has always been a community of GIVE and take.


Yeah im new and i give my respect to those who have been maintaining this forum for quite some time. i just see name calling as amateurish and unprofessional, and clearly from what u saying above, this forum strives to be the best and most elite, where advice is of a serious nature. Calling someone a goon and dispelling him for asking a basic question is not "meaningful conversation and advice" Just my opinion. Yes, the question lacks any substance at all, but look at when he joined and look at the urgency of his question . Hence my reasoning to help where we can. Im sure he would return the favour one day when the time arises. Just a thought mate. Respect to your knowledge and amount of posts. If you get a chance, pls critique my cycle im planning on running. its under "Greetings, Sustanon250 and Tren..."

Cheers titans!


Hi and thanks for your response. I also think it is clen. I ran it at 0.3ml everyday for 2 weeks. Is there anything i could do now? As for sides with Var i only had low sex drive that was about it.


Erm it was GB pharmecuticals as for the brand. And yes it was only 0.3ml a day as thats all i could handle.


Again as replied before mate, the brand was GB pharmecuticals.


Fully appreciate that.


Ii think my CNS maybe messed up? What do you guys think?


Its probably one of the other 20 or so things that would manifest themselves way before CNS messed up (whatever that would be)


What would you say?


Im not going to speculate because it could be any number of things and I dont want to lead you down the wrong path...if you're truly concerned, you have to go get bloodwork (use the stickey in the TRT forum for guidance). But I'd say if you just wait a bit it will be fine.

I'm actually unclear what your lingering symptoms even are.


Well basically ive had a lot of blood works done and that all come back fine as far as the doctors analysis of the results are concerned.

My side effects are:
Sleeping feeling jittery and shakey and same for wakin up feeling jittery and shakey. i also get some sort of brain freeze at some points throughout the day.

Thansk for your response bud.


Doctors are mostly idiots as far as optimizing hormones are concerned. IF you want to post some of your results, I will take a look at them. Otherwise I don't know what to tell you.


OK mate, i'll get a hold of my results as soon as possible then will get back to you.



If there is anyone with advice on affter effect of clen, please do respond.