Issue With My Shoulder

OK, I know if I have any real problems that I need to see a doctor but I am just curious if anyone else has had similar problems. So here is the issue. I have always had problems with sore shoulders since I strained them doing shoulder presses about 8 years ago. I was struggling for a last rep and as I was about 3/4 of the way up, the weight and my arm rotated back behind my head and tweaked my shoulder pretty good. Now the last few weeks I have noticed that my left shoulder really starts to bother me when I do any downward pressing movements ie. decline bench or dips. It also seems to get irritated when I do power cleans. While pressing, the pain usually starts about halfway down on the negative (eccentric?) portion of the lift and continues until about halfway up. It is a pretty intense dull ache that runs from my shoulder to my elbow and usually comes with a slight bit of nausea. It lasts for about 35-45 mins after I am done lifting, or until I take a nice hot shower, and then it just feels kinda weak. I would be more worried if it stayed all day but it just goes away. I have just started my second TBT cycle and I made some really good strength gains in the last 8-10 weeks. I know that I probrably have to drop the weight I am at (275 for sets of five on flat bench and today 225 for 15 on decline) but I really don’t want to loose the strength. Any help would be appreciated and if I don’t repond today it is because I will be on travel for work today and tomorrow. Thank you once again and I am not looking for a diagnosis just a little input.

First off, I would strongly suggest that you see a sports medicine doctor to have it checked out. Ive made the mistake of just “training thru” these type of injuries before. Sometimes they get better on their own, but usually it just gets worse, or takes twice as long to recover. The doc should be able to suggest what you can do to help it heal faster, as well as suggest exercises that may be necessary to balance the joint out to help prevent further injuries.

Other than that, Id also suggest that you avoid movements that cause any irritation to your shoulder. Every time you do something to irritate it, you’re adding to the time it’ll take to heal.

You can take this opportunity to focus on any lagging body parts you may have, like legs, back, or arms. Unless you use a really wide grip on bench, most of your pressing strength comes from your triceps and delts - so if you can work your tri’s hard, you shouldn’t loose too much bench strength. As far as working delts, it sounds like maybe you can do partial range movements (top half) without pain - so try that. Same goes for any chest pressing exercises.

Good luck!

The limited range of motion idea sounds like a good one, thanks for the input.

Check into the articles on shoulders and rotator cuff stuff.

Check out the article:

Ultimately looking into a qualified sports doc is one of the best things you can do.

Thanks for all the input I am going to check into the articles right away. I just got back from travel so I am sorry about the late reply.

To quote Chad Waterbury in his advice to me on shoulder pain, “Don’t train through the pain, get it check out.” I did have impingement surgery about 2 months ago and am about 85% back to normal. Going back slowly and still getting ART treatments and trying not to do anything that hurts.

If it hurts, don’t do it!

[quote]adamkn wrote:
…You can take this opportunity to focus on any lagging body parts you may have, like legs…[/quote]

Hey Will, I guess it’s time to start really hitting those chicken legs of yours :wink:

In all honesty, I didn’t realize that you were in that much pain…let’s get you to the doctor and re-focus on your shoulder recovery.

I hope you feel better.


I am going to schedule and appointment with my doctor. It just sucks because right now it is fine. Thanks for all the info.
Strongman I am still in for tomorrow am though.